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Escuelas de Paz & Beyond Skin in partnership with Women's Work Festival Belfast present...

Beauty Queens, Music and Activism - A Conversation with Genesis Quintero Perez.

Genesis is a Colombian musician, children's champion, peace activist, and the founder of Genesis Stars Foundation, a school meeting the needs of girls using music in education. Genesis is also a beauty queen, with over 16 crowns to her name. So how does Genesis use her success to protect and empower young women, is it a contradiction to promote the unrealistic expectations of beauty competitions or a useful tool for engagement?

Sunday, 9th June  7pm. Black Box Belfast.
Free - Registration required - Donations welcomed for Genesis Stars Foundation School



Genesis is from Arauca and works with the peacebuilidng organisation Esculeas de Paz. She is a facilitator for Beyond Skin & Escuelas de Paz for #FUTyoURES - is a participatory Peace programme linking Northern Ireland, Colombia and Colombian diaspora by developing shared creative models to address conflict and the legacy of ccnflict. Genesis first visited Northern Ireland in 2017 with the FUTyoURES programme.

Genesis is also a member of #ArtsDialogue - an international intergenerational team of musicians, artists, producers, writers & peace activists.