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When you have a vision you need people to make it visible, that’s just logic. But then there is finding the right creative minds to align with your ethos & vision.
In the internet boom of the noughties people knew the value of having a good website – for those not fortunate to have in-house designers they employed the services of design companies which either came down to what they could afford or what they liked the look of.
For Beyond Skin as a socially conscience Arts based organisation the visual representation thinking was much deeper, we needed designers who got what we were about and bought into our vision.

In 2004 when Beyond Skin began our journey in Belfast with a (1) Giant Leap we started by working with the best ethical visual minds in the industry  - a trend that has continued.  As a new organisation we were given a huge head start due to the kindness of Whitenoise who catapulted us off the starting block into local and international environments exciting people that here was an organisation that was going to do remarkable things.


The Rachy Years

In 2006 due to our rapid growth and the amount of ideas generating through our diverse team it was obvious we needed an individual to be part of the team as our visual ambassador. A creative genius, someone  who could see through walls, broke into sweat at the site of Lucida Handwriting  font and ate Lego for breakfast. It was a tall order but our prayers into the cosmos and all those rituals sacrificing felt tips that had lost their tops paid off as we found our person, Sinful Designer Rachel Sinnamon.
Over the course of a decade it would be Rachy that would define Beyond Skin and our projects with a visual identity  - the Beyond Skin logo,  countless promotional images,  websites,  online media and project brands from Homely Planet radio to the recent Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis. We and indeed the communities we have worked with owe a lot to our Rachy -  a silent hero physically behind the scenes but visually at the front along with our team making a difference.
As Rachel’s love grew for Cycling and to spend more time exploring the great outdoors whilst also taking on new design work challenges we knew we would eventually lose her and there would be a time when we would have to set her free.
As things always do with us a natural shift presented itself at the same time we have been going through a healthy creative change pursuing new horizons. So when you have taken the baton of one creative genius it makes sense to hand it to another genius.  The question was could Beyond Skin pull off finding a perfect match to another world class designer or company who shared our ethos and vision?

Well once again the stars have aligned and the cosmos has delivered. Bruised from pinching ourselves it is with a smug grin we are happy to announce that Aspect Media have not only designed us this brand new shiny shiny website but will be working with us on our marketing strategy.

Aspect Media are the Einstein of Design, Marvel superheroes in the making - ready to save planet Earth from mundane marking imagery . They are Brilliant minds with a love for Art as the messenger developing their own marketing systems whilst the world plays catch up. They are professionals that also enjoy the occasional crisp sandwich.
So yes Christmas has come early for Beyond Skin.  We are delighted to be in the presence of visual visionaries and we look forward to a new chapter of creative innovations on the quest to assist development of a more peaceful, equal and intercultural society free from racism & sectarianism.