Homely Planet

Homely Planet Radio

Homely Planet is a media network broadcasting 24/7 globally over the internet, producing and developing programmes in Northern Ireland & with International partners to assist access to diversity and global education using new media platforms.

Our vision is to show how we, the Human Race representing different beliefs, cultures & traditions contribute in a more positive way to the economic and social status of society when we respect & have a better understanding of each others’ diversity.

Not everyone can attend an event, project or training and in some cases, people may wish to learn on their terms in private. Homely Planet provides this service through streaming, on demand and download resources.

By providing a forum for learning, cultural and race relations, equality, diversity education and global exchange, Homely Planet aims to address the fears, stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings that can lead to conflict, racism & sectarianism. We bring a new generation of ethical radio challenging some mainstream media concepts and radio traditions allowing all communities, faith groups, schools, organisations, artists and individuals to participate in broadcasting items exploring religion, race and cultural diversity.

We are also supporting the world & roots music sector by developing projects and networks locally and international using the internet as a catalyst for collaboration. We invite people to produce and broadcast their own radio programmes and also offers communities to connect with other people globally. There are many ways to get involved and if you have a cultural activity why not record and broadcast it to the world?

Homely Planet has been developed and is managed by Beyond Skin.
We broadcast pre-recorded programmes over the internet and have found that this is the most effective way of engaging people and communities and offer ownership, participation, a relaxed atmosphere and space for changes that ‘live’ radio does not offer. We encourage the development of partnership programmes with other broadcasters.

Within our own production, Homely Planet does go against the grain of traditional radio and that’s how we’re different, innovative, exciting. If your concept of radio is a soundproof studio with loads of buttons, celebrity DJ’s and branded 4×4’s…then think again. Welcome to the new generation of grassroots community, ethical broadcasting.