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17 Sep 2014

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We like to use the term invest, as from our history we have witnessed how a little money can make a big difference.

We have a strong reputation in the community for sharing our ideas, projects and resources.

We do give away enough to make our accounts weep. But call it Karma, divine intervention or just luck, we do come across many good people who give back to us in many ways.
Are you one of those people? If so, please consider the options below. Feel free to contact us for any more info:




Standing Order

Donate to Beyond Skin via Paypal Donate to Beyond Skin via Cheque Donate to Beyond Skin via Standing Order
Made payable to:
Beyond Skin PO Box 21
Ballyclare, BT39 1AB
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Project Investment

Leave a legacy and be part of a project making an impact in society. We are happy to talk and meet with you about various options, whether music projects, radio, art or publications or sponsoring/donating equipment (eg sound / radio related).

Radio Sponsorship

Homely Planet In 2011 Homely Planet, an internet radio service managed by Beyond Skin will be identifing sponsors to to it's global audience reach and shared audio spread across many global networks.

Many companies have already shown interest to sponsor Homely Planet programmes but we will be very selective due to our strong ethics no matter what ridiculous amount of money is offered.

Please feel free to contact us if interested and how Homely Planet radio can form part of your CSR model.
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Homely Planet Radio - Tune In

WOMAD Belfast

Together we can make a difference. With strength and support in numbers, we can prevail.

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