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Support us & our Projects

We like to use the term 'invest' because we see this as investing in the future. By securing your support, we are able to devote our time, resources, skills and energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. You help us make a difference, therefore YOU make a difference.

You would be joining us; investing in people and community development, creating a better quality of life for all.

We have a strong reputation in the community for sharing our ideas, projects and resources. Like many organisations in the third sector, we've had challenges to overcome...but call it Karma, divine intervention or just plain luck, we have encountered many good people who believe in us and our purpose and they've invested in many ways. We're forever thankful!

Are you one of those people?

If so, then hop on board and get involved! Browse the opportunities below and see if something strikes a chord in you. Investing In Beyond Skin really can be an amazing and rewarding opportunity! Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more info.

Online Angel Investors

Make an impact in just a few clicks

Localgiving supports local causes; helping local charities and community groups to connect with people, fundraise online and take control of their future.

Localgiving say that "even a modest donation can have a major impact"...and we agree!

Project Angel Investors

Be a legend & leave a legacy!

You can be part of a project which is actively making an impact in society.

We'd enjoy meeting with you to discuss various options - music projects, radio, art, publications, sponsorship options...or even just donating equipment! Hardware for sound recording, for radio broadcasting, for our creative endeavours and more!

Start by getting in touch. Share your name, business (if applicable) and which opportunity you'd be interested in or what you can offer to us: info@beyondskin.net