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In October 2016, the Fundación Nacional Batuta and its allies, the Ministry of Culture, the British Council, the Central Bank of Colombia (Banco de la República), the District Secretary of Culture, Recreation, and Sports, the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra, the District Institute of Arts (IDARTES) and several universities in Colombia organized the International Seminar on Music and Social Transformation, which was attended by 50 experts and significant experiences from 21 countries around the world.

Darren Ferguson CEO Beyond Skin was one of the delegates invited to represent Northern Ireland to present the work of  Beyond Skin using the Arts for social transformation and to assist start projects in Colombia.

The purpose of the Seminar was to feed the discussion on the role of the arts and in particular music in the construction of peace. Beyond Skin have now with Colombian partner Escuelaz de Paz designed the #FUTyoURES project due to start later this year. Some pilot workshops have already taken place in Arauca. Video

The virtual document of the Memoirs and audio-visual complements gather some of the main conclusions of the event qualified as the most outstanding academic event of the year in the cultural milieu.

NOTE: The documentary is in Spanish