Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis

Update: The next phase of the project will be announced late October 2017.

Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis is an intercultural music project developed by Beyond Skin. The project creates shared welcoming spaces for musicians with Refugee or Asylum status to collaborate, socialise and creatively express their culture with a diversity of professional musicians.

With the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as the principal funder, musicians involved have been writing and rehearsing songs, pushing intercultural music boundaries and raising awareness about Refugees whilst also challenging the theory of Intercultural Arts itself. 

The group have remained somewhat of an enigma and since launching the project in 2016;  the musicians involved have shied away from an overwhelming amount of media interest and interview requests with only two online filmed recordings published recently for public viewing on youtube. A BBC Radio Ulster performance with four musicians from the group and a live performance recorded on a mobile phone featuring some of the group at The Braid Ballymena. With local musician and Refugee support activist Joby Fox at the helm as the music director and photographer Rashid Khaidanov as the visual director, the Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis has sparked much curiosity and is the inspirational sound of humanity at its best.

Immersive Performance & Workshop Programme

Immerse yourself. You can get involved with the Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis in various ways...

1. If you are a musician (professional or amateur) in refugee or asylum status we welcome you to join the group.

2. Book the group to perform at your event or festival

3. Invite musicians from the group to lead an Immersive Workshop Performance at your school, club or community group.

For more information please contact the Beyond Skin office 07877756987 info.beyondskin@gmail.com

Refugee Network Radio as a partner may broadcast some podcasts produced by the participants in workshops.

"it is with an inner feeling of satisfaction and great joy to support beyond skin project" - Larry Macaulay - founder of Refugee Radio Network


“It trembles rages, and raves. Rising it moves the welling stream.
Humanity is in key, and we find a safe place, sounds echoes voices of grace
An orchestra of friends give chance
The space on which the chorus danced”