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What We Do...

Beyond Skin is a leading organisation in Northern Ireland delivering bespoke good relations Global & Diversity education activities through music, arts, dance & new media.

All projects are delivered by an exceptionally high caliber of artists who are not only professional within their creative field but are also experienced in facilitating good relations activities.

Project formats include

Interactive World Music Experiences • Festivals • World Music Arts & Dance Workshops • International Radio Production Projects • Rural Global Village Experience • OCN Accredited Courses • Diversity Training • Live World Music Performances • International Media Exchange Projects
Through a large diverse team of professional artists we develop projects and events that can be moulded to your target needs, aims & objectives.

Sensitive Projects

Beyond Skin over the years have been asked to deliver good relations projects that we define as 'Under the Radar' (ie of a very sensitive nature). It is an area we have much expertise - approaching each project with discernment, discretion and care, taking on challenges that many other organisations would not whilst always focusing what could be achieved and ensuring the welfare of all involved is paramount. In all eleven years we have never failed in what we have set out to do.

Most Popular Programmes

Below is information about our most popular programmes and projects with links to some external project websites.

Most Popular Projects

Access All Areas

Access All AreasAccess All Areas is a project engaging with Loyalist fife & drum marching bands in Northern Ireland. The Protestant Loyalist traditional music culture is expressed through marching bands and associated parades.

The project is to provide an opportunity through music for people to developing a greater understanding of different cultures work with artists from diverse backgrounds whilst throughout the process addressing stereotypes that are associated with Protestant Loyalist bands.

The music unite project is a very unique and pioneering model and one that has proved to be a successful model due to a pilot programme that started in January 2015 with the Shankill Road Defenders (SRD) Flute Band.

The project continues ito develop with new Flute Bands joining the project.

Download the PDF: AAA Project Info

WOMADNI: The World Of Music Arts & Dance

WOMADNI: The World Of Music Arts & DanceWOMADNI is Northern Ireland's flagship world arts programme designed and delivered by Beyond Skin in partnership with the WOMAD Foundation and WOMAD Festivals.

WOMAD - World of Music Arts & Dance, now in its 34th year, having hosted festivals and education programmes in twenty-six countries - is considered as the pioneer of multicultural festivals, representing the highest standard of international arts. Rock Icon Peter Gabriel is the co-founder of WOMAD.

The WOMAD Foundation is a sister organisation to WOMAD Festivals using the arts as a catalyst for change and innovation and undertakes projects that nurture young people's innate creativity. A core theme is to provide encounters with artists who bring their world into the classroom, encouraging a spirit of exploration and enquiry for young people, educators and musicians alike.

The Combination of the WOMADNI partnership presents one the most ambitious & exhilarating community relations intercultural arts programme hosted in the North of Ireland contributing to developing a more peaceful, equal and inclusive society.

WOMADNI projects are what you would expect as part of WOMAD brand with an exceptional professional quality of artists - honest participant focused good practice combined with inventive ideas. Some artists of WOMADNI caliber delivering the projects are based in Northern Ireland with the majority based worldwide through the WOMAD network.

An accreditation course is also available in "Understanding Diversity through the World of Music Arts & Dance"

WOMAD in Northern Ireland website: womadni.com

Interactive Music & Movement Experience (iME)

Interactive Music & Movement Experience (iME)A unique experience that is never the same twice, as the participants become the performance.

Designed & developed by Beyond Skin with an investment by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the iME is a high impact diversity learning workshop through world music & dance delivered by a professional band of local & international artists. Depending on size of space we can cater for very large numbers.

"Best workshop/music project I have ever been part of in 15 years of teaching"
- Primary School teacher at an iME Workshop.

More details: beyondskin.net/ime.php

Parallel Versing: Northern Ireland - Sri Lanka

Parallel Versing: Northern Ireland - Sri LankaParallel Versing is project using music to change the life trajectory of children whose quality of life has been impacted by the legacy of conflict.

Designed and delivered by the organizations Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland) and The Music Project (Sri Lanka) - new music is created using new and simple technology to produce audio/video recordings featuring children from Northern Ireland & Sri Lanka on the same track. Through the process young people exchange handmade gifts, letters and information about their own cultures sharing similarities and successes that can help a better quality of life within their own country.

Beyond Skin & The Music Project have had many media features and international studies directed at project highlighting that both organisations are leaders in the field using music for healing, learning & community development on the frontline in post conflict areas.

Project website: www.parallelversing.com
The Music Project organization: musicprojectsl.com

Next Door Project

Next Door ProjectNext Door is a partnership project with DU Dance (lead partner) It forms part of a three year long programme that will target young people from minority cultures and their families, and young unaccompanied migrants living in Northern Ireland.

The programme will involve dance, music and storytelling following such traditions as the seanchaí, bards, ashiks, jyrau, griots gaze amongst many more.

It will see DU Dance & Beyond Skin coming together to share skills and facilities and the resulting work will be housed within local and central libraries, hubs for their communities.

The first series of workshops will take place in Bangor Library Feb-March 2016 with Ugandan Dance.

Contact Beyond Skin office for more details.

DU Dance (NI) website: www.dudanceni.com

Waste No Time Project (WNoT)

Waste No Time Project (WNoT)WNoT (Waste No Time Project) is a Causeway Coast & Glens area project in partnership with Corrymeela Ballymoney Community Resource Centre & Rural Community Network.

Whilst many of the stories we tell each other about politics might be cynical and hope-less, what if we changed the story and began talking about what is working, what we would like more of, what gives us pride and hope in our areas and in each other, what are we prepared to do and what might we need to let go of.

What if we started from a different beginning: that our new Council delivers important services that matter to our neighbourhoods; that they are the first point of contact for many people engaging in local politics; and that they have increased powers as a result of local government reform and carry a significant civic leadership role. And why don't we begin with bins - for many people the one service that everyone gets from their Council.

The project will be trying out three creative community engagement tools throughout the project: Pop Up Democracy (Skits - Beyond Skin's Role); Community Visioning; Forum Theatre.

20 street dramas will take place throughout January-May 2016 in the Causeway Coast & Glens Area.

Civic Activism website: civicactivism.buildingchangetrust.org

Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis

Orchestre des Réfugiés et AmisA project creating safe welcoming spaces for artists in Refugee or Asylum status to meet, collaborate, socialise and get creative. They engage, experiencing one anothers' different cultures, heritages and backgrounds all whilst working with professional musicians. Those who take part will also have the opportunity to perform at public events and develop their own events.

Another purpose of the project is empowerment. The participants are encouraged, trained and their confidence developed so they will deliver a series of Refugee awareness workshops using their musical skills to communicate, explore and engage with community groups, clubs and schools, aiming to increase and greater understanding of Refugees and Migration.

Download the PDF: Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis

Video link on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=O8coOo8wIlQ

The Epic Extra Ordinary Eagerly Awaited & Really Rather Good Community - Cultural Quiz

The Epic Extra Ordinary Eagerly Awaited & Really Rather Good Community - Cultural QuizThe quiz is a unique cultural learning game were people from local indigenous communities compete against people representing international & new communities.

It is designed to challenge myths, stereotypes and educate people about Northern Ireland history and culture.

Questions can range from innocent public transport questions to strategically placed religious/cultural questions about Northern Ireland. The quiz can be hosted anywhere and is presented in a relaxed & fun environment, with buzzers, live interlude music and everything like!
The quiz is tailored to putting together teams with people from your own community.

Homely Planet

Homely PlanetPromoting World and Roots Music & Cultural Education within Northern Ireland...Positivity, Interculturalism, Respect.

Produce your own radio programme & connect with the world.

Homely Planet is an online media network broadcasting 24/7 globally over the internet giving a platform for anyone to produce and broadcasted radio programmes in an aim to assist cultural relations through diversity & global education. Programmes centre around race, identify, religion, diversity, global citizenship and global development; all complemented by a playlist of world, folk & roots music.

Homely Planet website: homelyplanet.org

Gaau Village Workshop

Gaau Village WorkshopGaau means 'Village' in Nepali Language.

This project concept was developed by the Beyond Skin management team and a few of our artists from Nepal from the charity Sahti Nepali.

We recreate a world village in your community centre or school hall. We use arts, music, dance, fashion & food to facilitate a learning process where participants can explore a different cultures in a creative interactive environment.

A special version of the project is timelined as a day into 2 hours where participants experience how it would be to live in a remote rural village in Nepal.

Video link on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=4WIoAKU8cqA


In December 2015 the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 2250, the first ever thematic resolution on Youth, Peace and Security. This historic document is very important for all young peacebuilders worldwide because it brings recognition and legitimacy for youth's efforts in building peace.

Read more on our webpage: #youth4peace

Archive websites & resources

Peace Day Festival

Peace Day FestivalThe International Day of Peace, also known as 'World Peace Day', occurs annually on 21st September.

An annual campaign run by Springboard Opportunities is supported and promoted by Beyond Skin and Volunteer Now. We support Springboard Opps and help by organising activities around the approaching Peace Day celebrations to rally up more awareness, support and deserved recognition.

You can see an archive of past Peace Days if you choose to


Belfast East

Belfast EastThis initiative concentrated on the area of East Belfast, were Beyond Skin's first office was located.

Since 2008 Belfast East has rolled out 3 Phases (1 per year) of projects: Phase 1 dealt with Music & Arts, Phase 2 looked at Global Connections and Phase 3 continued the idea from Phase 2, adding in sharing and educating culture through music.

All project information has been archive online: www.belfasteast.net

The Motion Project

The Motion ProjectNorthern Ireland's Largest Multicultural Music Collective.

The 'Motion' Project originated from a Beyond Skin CD project in 2006; 'Music from a Diverse City' and during the subsequent years became Northern Ireland's largest multi-cultural music collective touring around Northern Ireland providing unique world music interactive experiences, programs and performances.

It was through the Motion Project that the iME interactive music experience was developed which became Beyond Skin's most successful and longest running project.

Still going to this day and still as popular.

Please visit the iME page: www.beyondskin.net/ime.php

Archive Motion Project webpage with related links: www.themotionproject.net

One Giant Leap in N.I.

One Giant Leap in N.I.1 Giant Leap is the creation of Jamie Catto originally from the band Faithless and producer Duncan Bridgeman. The 1st film fuses music, words, sounds and images from a diversity of musicians, storytellers, authors, artists and thinkers from many different cultures.

The 2nd film "What About Me", released in 2008, features an incredibly diverse collection of collaborators from Noam Chomsky to Will Young, Maxi Jazz to Tim Robbins and many others.

1 Giant Leap has played a massive part in the development of cultural relations in Northern Ireland that we feel needs wider recognition. It inspired and drives the concept of Beyond Skin. After initial introduction in 2004 - which created an impact way beyond expectation - it drove the formation of The Motion Project and Homely Planet Radio. The ethos & methods of 1 Giant Leap has been the common thread throughout all Beyond Skin projects since and will continue to be.

1 Giant Leap in Northern Ireland: www.beyondskin.net/1giantleap/1giantleap-about.htm

Youth In Motion (YIM)

Youth In Motion (YIM)Youth in Motion is a project inviting young people from all communities, religious and ethnic backgrounds, in Northern Ireland, to create new music with assistance from professional musicians representing different countries.

Through improvised music sessions participants get a chance to express their ideas to form compositions to produce a professional recording.

Youth in Motion projects take place in various locations throughout Northern Ireland.

Youth in Motion webpage on Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/youthinmotion