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“If you can be an individual and part of it all at the same time, you've got it made.”Beyond Skin

“If you want a powerful good relations programme in your area and to maximise community engagement, you could do no better than enlist the Beyond Skin team.

They are by far the most creative, dedicated and professional delivery agent I have ever worked with and, as local agents for WOMAD, you will have access to some of the best multi-cultural artists on the planet, an energetic multi-media promotion campaign as well as follow up images and reports to share and celebrate the memories and successes.”Jan O'Neill - Good Relations Officer Moyle
“This type of experience should be more accessible to schools. If funding were in place to make the costs affordable, more children could enjoy. We recognise that we were very fortunate to be able to have these workshops in our school.”Teacher
“Fantastic Event! Left feeling positive about living, as a minority in East Belfast. Thank-you!”Evaluation comment from event participant
“Absolutely awe inspiring experience”Evaluation comment from event participant
“Our pupils have been increasing in global awareness through connecting classrooms project and having skilled musicians from around the world in their own school was a super way of reinforcing the global message.”Teacher
“It surpassed our expectations! A wonderful and unique experience which left everyone in our school on a high!”Teacher
“The workshop built the children's confidence, helped participants to engage who wouldn't normally engage. It was very inclusive and enjoyable and gave all participants the opportunity to use and develop their skills.”Teacher
“We have organised multicultural arts events in the past, but our Womad experience has taken this type of initiative to a whole new level. The professionalism of the artists and the way they engaged with children and adults in the prior workshops was inspirational.

Beyond Skin, the local partner for Womad in Northern Ireland, showed enormous dedication and attention to detail in order to provide us with a fantastic event which exceeded our expectations.”Joy Wisener - Good Relations Office Moyle
“This event extended far beyond my expectations. This was a truly special experience for both pupils and staff, a joy to behold.”Teacher
“First time experiencing this kind of workshop so not so sure what to expect, however, we were absolutely delighted from start to finish. Amazing, high quality workshop.”Teacher
“I think this is an excellent way of assisting community integration and development through our young people. I would certainly welcome more projects like this one.”Teacher
“This was a once in a lifetime unique and special opportunity which should be promoted as much as possible.”Teacher
“Best workshop/music project I have ever been part of in 15 years of teaching.”Primary School Teacher
“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in organising the WOMAD event at the Skainos Centre in Belfast last Thursday. It was a wonderful event and I was both delighted and surprised at all the children's dancing abilities.

I thought the event was very well run and there was great excitement leading up to the event. The organisers created a great atmosphere and got the audience involved (I think most of us wanted to get up and join in).

I love that my children are exposed to other cultures and traditions. I think events like this are great for their confidence and self-belief. Please pass on my congratulations and appreciation to all the teachers involved and to the team from WOMAD.”Mother of participant
“All your team did such a great job with the children. Aisha and her pals really looked forward to their Ugandan dance practices. We were given a count down every week to practise day. And when she received the form for parental consent - it had to be signed immediately. Not one of those that hangs around the bottom of the bag for months on end.”Parent
“It was an amazing event and I'm getting similar feedback from community organisations who attended during the day. I can't congratulate you enough in delivering what was, perhaps, the truest and biggest multi-cultural event I've seen in 13 years working in Inner East Belfast. From the flags outside Skainos to the final concert on Friday it was truly outstanding.

I recognised local residents and community leaders in the audience on Friday night. Who would have thought that we could get such a culturally diverse range of people out on a Friday night on the Lower Newtownards Road. I think you have created a great foundation on which we can all build and hope you will give serious consideration to taking part in next years festival.

I, personally, would love to see WOMAD back in east Belfast and I think many of my colleagues across the voluntary and community sector would agree. Brilliant and well done all.”Sean Brannigan - East Belfast Partnership - WOMAD event 30th August 2013
“Congratulations on a hugely successful WOMAD event last week, it was a pleasure to work with you. It has been a part of the Skainos vision from the very beginning to nurture shared space in one of the contested parts of our city and we saw the arts as very much a part of that nurturing.

In my 13 years of engagement with Skainos I could hardly have foreseen a fuller realisation of that ambition than last Friday. The noise, the colour, the talent and the sheer diversity of the event was a wonder to see. Thanks for taking it to East Belfast and to Skainos. I hope we can work together again soon.”Glenn Jordan - Skainos WOMAD event 30th
“Congratulations on a fantastic showcase event last Friday! It was brilliant and so fun. My daughters had such a great night - they didn't want to leave. Jasmine was up there on the stage shaking her booty with Donna!!! When we left, Jasmine said that was one of the best evenings she has ever had (she's 7!)!”Lee Millen, BCRC
“Just want to say that the showcase was fantastic! Our guys here at Stepping Stones were so nervous to get on stage but when they did it, it was a massive sense of achievement for them. Our manager came down and said that all the acts were brilliant.

Hopefully with a new pot of funding next year we can work together again. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be apart of WOMAD showcase. Best of luck. Many Thanks ”Niamh Watson - Stepping Stones
“Thanks for organising and funding an excellent event. The children had access to instruction and opportunities which they have never had before and they showed how much they are capable of when provided with authentic world class dance teachers and musicians.

The whole event was well managed, schools were kept informed and arrangements were precise and well organised. i have no hestitation in recommending this programme and would be bitterly disappointed if we were unable to access it in the future.”David Dunlop Armoy PS
“The one main thing that mattered to us was the level of respect we were shown by everyone involved in the showcase, but mostly Ripton (facilitator) as he was on our level and knew where we were coming from, understood our issues and listened without passing judgement.”Alastair, Adrian, Jordan, Jack, Adam - The Den Bushmills
“Beyond Skin, is one of the main driving forces here behind Inter-culturalism and the promotion of cultural diversity and good relations through the arts.”Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive, Arts Council Northern Ireland