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Th first Course was just the Starter
The Waste No Time project is an experiment in people powered democracy happening across the Causeway Coast & Glens Council area. People have been creatively sharing the stories that matter to them and exploring why people believe it’s a ‘waste of time’ talking to us, talking to ‘that lot’, talking to ‘them up there’. The First Course ended with an interactive event, a creative conversation, between a diverse group of citizens and councilors considering this key sentence “if citizens are not at the table, might they end up on the menu?”

Time for the Second Course – The Big Dish Out
Our second course is moving from listening and engaging to exploring what happens when local people are given the power to decide how money is spent in their local area. The concept is called Participatory Budgeting (PB).

Two events have been announced for Gross Glebe and Cushedall with celebrity chef Paula McIntyre.  Visit www.wastenotime.net for details. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @WasteNoTiime2

Waste No Time (WNoT) partners are: Building Community Resource Centre; Beyond Skin; Charo Lanao-Madden; Corrymeela; Rural Community Network; Triangle Housing; CAN: Triangle Housing; Jez Hall: Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council; Building Change Trust.