Sensory Peace

Almost half of young people in Northern Ireland have experienced a mental health problem - 60% say they ‘always’ or ‘often feel’ stressed, according to recent research by The Prince’s Trust - Northern Ireland has the highest suicide rate in Europe. (Independent News Article)

#ArtsDialogue international collaborative Innovations providing creative solutions to issues around mental health in conflict and post conflict environments. The ArtsDialogue Sensory Peace team represent arts therapists, refugee aid workers and peacebuilding professionals in the field of Trauma who have vast experience working globally in areas of conflict.

Creative resources include digital, organic and analogue tools stimulating Smell, Sight, Sound, Touch & Taste.

Beyond Skin are the Northern Ireland partner of Lydian MindHarp©&® - a technical innovation using digital soundscapes.

#TraumaTeddy innitative for refugees developed by Brehon Advisory

#ArtsDialogue artists - partners for Action Trauma Young Hearts & Minds Conference

Saucha Colombia Social Street Art Project

Transforming Lives through ArtMaking - BuildaBridge (Philadelphia)

The Healing Power of Music: The Music Project Sri Lanka

Schools of Peace Trauma Art - Escuelas de Paz Colombia

Sound & Healing Spa & Question of Utopia Art

Please Contact us about any of these resources.  +447877756987