For period 2015-18


1 To become an organisation that is self-sustaining financially by 2018.
2 To increase organisational agility to respond to new opportunities.
3 To develop new corporate sponsorship relationships with the Business Sector.
4 To build a cash reserve that enables the organisation to build organisation capacity to deliver more projects.
5 To develop a clear business model for the organisation.


1 To continue to develop our portfolio of services that address current and future customers' needs.
2 Build organisational capacity locally and internationally to deliver innovative bespoke services to customers.
3 To seek out opportunities to work collaboratively with other public, private and community organisations locally & internationally.
4 To develop and implement a new marketing strategy making full use of new technologies and social media.

Internal Processes

1 To assess the current and future recruitment needs of the organisation are and to work to secure the necessary resources to meet those needs.
2 To understand the Information Technology requirements of the organisation and to meet those needs throughout the lifetime of this plan.
3 To maintain and enhance the membership of the Beyond Skin Board.

Learning & Growth

1 To develop the skills of each member staff through a staff development plan linked to competencies related to individual roles.
2 The management Board will identify Board training needs and ensure that these needs are met throughout the lifetime of this plan.
3 A programme of artist development will be designed and implemented over the lifetime of this strategic plan.