We recognise that an organisation's success depends on the integrity of its employees, therefore we will aim to continue to support the needs of employees through training, on-site experience and mentoring for other individuals within the organisation.

Due to the diverse team within the organisation we will ensure to maximise opportunities for sharing knowledge about cultural sensitivities, traditions and beliefs.


As an organisation, we will endeavour to stick clearly to our vision, mission and aims as an undivided unit.

We will maintain our honesty, fairness & sincerity representing as one body, a distinctive good character that is synonymous with the organisation. Having a reputation for always delivering and can be relied upon to complete a project and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Respect & Empathy

Listening and adapting to the needs participants, artists, volunteers & staff. Having a good understanding of cultural traditions & beliefs. Ensuring at all times the welfare of facilitating artists, volunteers and staff are put first.

To be approachable and have the correct systems in place to gather and follow up any issues people may have directly linked to the organisation. Facilitating and evaluating in a non-judgemental manner understanding the root of negative attitudes people may have. Understanding external environments and their influence on social attitudes.


We always aim so see the best in people. We are committed to enabling people to reach their full potential to create a peaceful and equal society. Showing and doing are the true definition of education, by bringing out the best in people using the arts.

We recognise that young people regardless of their education, position in society, or socio-economic status, have an inborn creative capacity for unbounded achievement. We will continue to strive to assist people to develop self-confidence, aspiration and creative skills through a process of diversity & cultural education.


We have never been comfortable sitting still and continue to develop ideas beyond what has gone before. We are not afraid to go 'against the grain' and our creative resource through people enables us to adapt, shift the paradigm and develop new artistic & educational models.

We utilise new technology and social media but always ensure a balance as we recognise that people need to physically share a space with others to experience a higher impact of learning and cultural exchange.