FUTyoURES (Colombia – N. Ireland)

UPDATE: President of Escuelas de Paz will visit Northern Ireland in October 2017. 

FUTyoURES is a unique project aimed at developing a shared creative model for conflict transformation that meets the needs, interests and expectations of young people from societies emerging from conflict.

The project involves a cross-national partnership between young people from Colombia and Northern Ireland in an interactive dialogue about the meaning of peace and how enable the Arts to transform societies in conflict from a youth perspective. It is about thinking and projecting the future where peacebuilding is inclusive and meaningful for young people.


By using arts as a methodology and as a common language, the project will bring a group of young people from both countries into an inspiring journey of creative thinking to explore and share stories of resilience, life experience and ideas about how to trigger social change and conflict transformation. 

In a process of mutual learning, FUTyoURES Youth for Peace will deliver a series of interactive workshops using music and visual arts to empower young people as agents of change in societies impacted by the legacy of armed conflict.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a cross-national programme for young people to engage in a dynamic dialogue and mutual learning about the meaning of peace and conflict transformation for young people using music and visual arts.

FUTyoURES project has been designed by Beyond Skin & Escuelas de Paz, Bogota Colombia supported by British Council.

Mirrored activities are delivered with schools and youth groups in Colombia and Northern Ireland.