FUTyoURES (Colombia - N. Ireland)

CALL FOR HELP: Our friends at Genesis Stars School in Arauca are providing an education, meals and trying to meet the social needs for 50 children who have been directly affected by the conflict.  They really need your help. Please donate at this link

We are seed. Together we grow.

It is not a typo - the name FUTyoURES (pronounced futures) represents a balance in the project, neither Spanish nor English with creativity & arts as the language. It also is spelt this way to include YOURS & OURS in FUTURES.

#FUTyoURES is a participatory Peace programme aimed at developing a shared creative model for conflict transformation that meets the needs, interests and expectations of people from territories emerging from conflict in Colombia and Northern Ireland. At the heart of the project are the Arts affirming the synergy between People and the Natural Environment around them. The project is managed by Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland) & Escuelas de Paz (Colombia). Too date additional partners are International Catalan Institute for Peace, Fotosynthesis, Agroarte, Cuerpos Gramaticales.

The programme is about sharing ideas & stories, creative thinking, exploring truth, problem solving, taking care of our planet and shaping the future where peacebuilding is inclusive and meaningful for everyone.
Through engagement with various artforms and the natural environment the project offers a very different community development and Peacebuilding approach, nurturing new and existing relationships and giving space for people to contribute and implement their ideas

Robison Sanchez (Environmental Social Street Artist - Soacha) and Luis Alberto Peraza (Manager Campo Alegre Arauca ) influenced Beyond Skin’s project delivery in Northern Ireland. ‘Reconciliation’ or ‘Healing with the land’ became an integral part of the FUTyoURES project.

In a process of mutual learning, FUTyoURES aims to champion young people as agents of change in societies impacted by the legacy of armed conflict. The project implements #youth4peace aims & objectives as part of the UN Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace & Security
Escuelas de Paz (Colombia) and Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland) are members of the #ArtsDialogue network. www.artsdialogue.org

The focus of the project delivery is in Arauca & Soacha (Colombia) and Belfast, Craigavon, Cookstown & Keady (Northern Ireland).

FUTyoURES project is a legacy of the work of Natali Marquez who passed away in February 2018

FUTyoURES project has had support from British Council. Arts Council Northern Ireland, Armagh Banbridge Craigavon Borough Council, Mid Ulster Council, IBIS Belfast Hotel, National Trust, Belfast Harbour, Community Relations Council & Grow Wild Foundation.

#FUTyoURES brand and project design is the intellectual property of Beyond Skin & Escuelas de Paz.

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