FUTyoURES (Colombia - N. Ireland)

Future is Yours & Ours - together we grow

#FUTyoURES is a Schools & Youth Peace project aimed at developing a shared creative model for conflict transformation that meets the needs, interests and expectations of young people from territories emerging from conflict. At the heart of the project is the Arts affirming the synergy between People and the Natural Environment around them. Mirrored activities are delivered in Colombia and Northern Ireland.

Designed by Beyond Skin & Escuelas de Paz (Colombia) the project involves a cross-national partnership between young people from Colombia and Northern Ireland in a creative interactive dialogue about the meaning of peace and enabling the Arts to transform societies in conflict from a child & young person perspective. It is about creative thinking, problem solving, taking care of our planet and shaping the future where peacebuilding is inclusive and meaningful for young people.
By placing the Arts and Nature at the centre of learning & inclusive space the project will bring a group of young people from both countries into an inspiring journey to share stories of resilience, life experience and ideas about how to trigger social change and conflict transformation. The Northern Ireland programme has been influenced by the remarkable work of Escuelas De Paz team with communities in Soacha & Arauca which has resulted in bringing the sense of touch back into the classroom through dance and grafitti arts as an enabler in a process of reconciliation with the land.

In a process of mutual learning, FUTyoURES aims to champion young people as agents of change in societies impacted by the legacy of armed conflict. The project implements #youth4peace aims & objectives as part of the UN Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace & Security
Escuelas de Paz (Colombia) and Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland) are members of the #ArtsDialogue network. www.artsdialogue.org

The focus of the project delivery is in Arauca & Soacha (Colombia) and Armagh, Belfast, Craigavon & Mid Ulster (Northern Ireland).

FUTyoURES project is a legacy of the work of Natali Marquez who passed away in February 2018

FUTyoURES project is supported by British Council. Arts Council Northern Ireland, Armagh Banbridge Craigavon Borough Council, Mid Ulster Council, IBIS Belfast Hotel, National Trust & Grow Wild Foundation. #FUTyoURES brand and project design is the intellectual property of Beyond Skin & Escuelas de Paz.

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Photos: Northern Ireland Development Programme (March 2018) Photobucket Slideshow  Facebook Gallery

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