Cuerpos Gramaticales Sowing of Life

Project Promotional Trailer

Cuerpos Gramaticales - The Sowing of Life is inspired by a Agroarte Colombia project that began in Comuna 13, Medellin, which uses the arts, body, memory and the land to contribute to reconciliation, dialogue, healing, sharing experiences and stories, meeting new people while being creative and celebrating diversity. The project migrated to Barcelona with the Colombian diaspora and has come to Northern Ireland. The project development principal funder is Mid-Ulster Council Good Relations. Due to CoVid-19 workshops migrated online with the physical planting of the project postponed until 2021. When safe to do so members of Agroarte will visit Northern Ireland to continue workshops in shared spaces.

 A total of 10 Online Workshops were led by Aka (Leader representing Agroarte) including participants from Colombia and Northern Ireland.The whole process was very successful with all participants describing this process as a learning, enjoyable and enlightening experience, we reconnected with our bodies and our stories. "We have learnt, shared, and we have connected with one another despite being apart." LIna Guzman


This project will be a process of creative workshop and encounters with women from different cultures and diasporas. The project will end with a final 'public performance' during which the project's participants are collectively "planting" themselves with flowers into the ground in a public place to create catharsis. See videos below. 

There is a depth to the project around Truth & Memory which will be facilitated by professionals. Participants who will get involved will design the whole process and decide their own reasons for taking part in the planting: healing, protest, a symbol of planting new family roots in the area, connecting with the land, letting go, starting a new life, forgiveness, celebrate their migration process, etc.

Anyone can request to take part but we would really welcome woman who have migrated to Northern Ireland, especially Mid Ulster area. By taking part in the workshops does not mean you are committed to the planting. People can choose nearer the time. 

Please email for more information.

The core of project workshops facilitated by members of Agroatre and a support team.

The project lead partners are Beyond Skin and Agroarte

Associate Partners: Escuelas de Paz, Fotosynthesis, International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP), Unique New Adventures Ltd, First Steps Women's Centre Dungannon, Magherafelt Women's Group. 

Guerpos Gramaticales "Sowing of Life" in Barcelona.

Inspired Art by VaneMG