Using the Arts as a vehicle to assist the development of a more peaceful, equal and intercultural society free from racism & sectarianism.

Beyond Skin is an organisation based in Northern Ireland, which was established in January 2004 to use Music, Arts & New Media as a tool for cultural education & exchange in an aim to address issues of racism & sectarianism. We design and facilitate innovative Music, Arts & Media projects that strengthen community relations, nurture peace processes, cultivate security, empower youth and promote interaction between different cultures.

Since its inception, Beyond Skin has provided a professional service of diversity and global education using artistic methods for; local councils, education boards, schools, community groups, businesses and social enterprises. During this time Beyond Skin has gathered a well-respected track record within the communities of Northern Ireland and also internationally; nurturing the skills of local and international people whilst externally impacting greatly on community development and the arts sector.

We develop and deliver projects, programmes, events and festivals all of which are designed in-house and in partnership with local and/or international artists or organisations with complementary objectives. We also develop and deliver bespoke projects for clients.

What makes us unique at Beyond Skin is the quality, strength, professionalism and diversity of our team. This group of artists, technicians, journalists, global educators and volunteers sets us apart. The cohesiveness and chemistry within the team enable us to offer the biggest range of intercultural arts projects in Northern Ireland, providing creative opportunities and link to our partners worldwide.

We see ourselves as a Global Family - a dynamic team of motivated individuals passionate about encouraging positive social change and empowering people to celebrate diversity through art, music and dance.