Dear reader,
My Name is Marie-Jeanne, 20 years old, half German half French born and bread in Berlin and I'm doing an internship with Beyond Skin through Intern Europe
Within the Days I developed an idea of my own, "Little Utopia" which I would like to share with you. I invite you to write, or sing or dance or cook your own Utopia and if you want we could publish them. I would be really pleased, just send an email to : info.beyondskin@gmail.com .

But now lets start:
My Utopia is a district. A assembly of 4 to 5 streets, situated in place that ones used to be a big , modern and gentrified City. But today it is taken back by Nature; people and nature are living equally, side by side together in harmony. Nature and Animals are doing their own thing and we are not going to oppress them. Talking about harmony, in 'Utopis' we have a common sense of << no excluding behaviour >>.
This means that we do not tolerate any forms of racism, sexism, homophobia or hostility against Sinti and Roma, disabled or Transgender persons. We respect each other. And that's why we also take our political decisions together, we work in a kid of council democracy in which everybody gets the equal chance to become deputy, meanwhile decisions are always taken together. As a matter of course nobody is forced to participate in the councils, but as we all want to shape the world we are living in and each one is given this possibility we often debate for hours to make sure that everyone is d'accord with the decisions taken. These decisions are taken then to the next upper instance, in this case this means the next council which consist then of deputy's representing their houses and so far and so on.

In Utopis we naturally have a legislation a bit like the Charter of fundamental rights, but we do not have any executive. Civil courage and the fact that we all want to maintain this status of well-being are assuring that criminal behaviour rarely occur. We do not have any prisons neither, we prefer redemption over punishments. The only punishment is the right of the councils to impose a limited or unlimited exclusion from the district. In Utopis residing is affordable, the rent is depending on your income. Because our economy is not based on the gain of permanent growth. We have a social economy with the human in Focus. We do not have any overproduction or waste of natural resources. We produce our own energy with solar panels , thermal insulation threw facade-planting, public transport services are free by this we want to encourage people to rather take bus or train than the car so that we reduce our carbon footprint, anyhow our streets are more build for cycling and walking than driving.

In the topsy-turvy house” in which I live we are cultivating most of our foodstuffs on our own, on the Rooftop in raised beds and small green Houses, surpluses are sold at the market.
We don't do this because of the money, we are all providing unconditional basic income. No need to worry about money and this gives us the possibility to find out what we actually want to do in life. Finding our real purpose. Being happy. But the initial meaning of Utopia is traduced as “no-place” from ancient Greek and it literally means any non-existent society, when described in considerable detail.

So let’s be realistic, my Utopia place and society is never going to happen, apart from our mindset humanity is just never going to be this homogeneous. And in my opinion that is good!
And even if I do not want to be this pessimistic, every dream has to end at some place. It has to end so that we can proceed into action to make this world a better one.