New Kind of Foundation

Intern Europe student Chiappori Eleonora shares her first experiences volunteering with Beyond Skin

Is it always good to be focused on what we've studied or our work experiences?
As a building surveyor student I can say that always looking around and judge buildings, walls, houses, safety on work placements could be quite annoying because you do not see the whole that surround you but just a very little part, the most evident one, the more easily to see and there's lots more to discover and know.
It's not just about my view but everybody view. Of course youngest people mind is more open but there are still lots of prejudices and I think that looking at the world trying to understand, know more about his wide range of cultures, ideas, way of life can really help us to be more unified.

We need to built a new kind of foundation for our future also if it seems really difficult as it is.
Working with Beyond Skin has shown me a sphere I would have never thought about. Working with children and other young people is really interesting because you see how they answer inputs, the way they behave and their ideas. You can maybe discover something new and learn. In my opinion we can learn a lot just looking at them and it make us think. Looking at those children I found myself in some of them, because when I was younger I was really shy and solitary but growing, especially during the high school I opened myself to the world which surrounded me. I found other behaviours that reminded me the kindergarten and the primary school, the noisy boys, the “Barbie” girls, the shy and solitary guys, the “boss”,  the sporty group and so on …
On my first week I had the chance to see and know a lot about children, on my point of view is really interesting the way they answer … during a workshop it had been asked them – What does the community need to become better? And their answers were really different, someone said just love or peace, but there were more interesting ones. For example I read less drugs, money, happiness. Someone said also that it shouldn't change, because it's ok the way it is.

The one that caught me was a child writing EQUALITY … I immediately thought that this child must have a good reason and of course a good explanation for saying Equality, maybe about his own experiences?  I have been really curious since I read it and I would like to have had the chance to talk more to him.
I also discovered some more about his Northern Irish history and I've understood that this is a topic which should leave his own marks on people ideas.
We have lots to learn from children ... maybe growing we lose something or we're just obliged to follow the society rules.
Children have really different behaviours and way to express themselves.  
Everyone has his own personality and character, sometimes could be hard to share opinions but we can also find new points of view and, who knows, be inspired.
As you can be inspired for building design you can be inspired working to try to help the community change on a new foundation.