Beyond Skin is a leading organisation in Northern Ireland delivering bespoke good relations Global & Diversity education activities through music, arts, dance & new media.

All projects are delivered by an exceptionally high calibre of artists who are not only professional within their creative field but are also experienced in facilitating good relations activities.

Project formats include:

  • Interactive World Music Experiences
  • Festivals
  • World Music Arts & Dance Workshops
  • International Radio Production Projects
  • Rural Global Village Experience
  • OCN Accredited Courses
  • Diversity Training
  • Live World Music Performances
  • International Media Exchange Projects

Through a large diverse team of professional artists we develop projects and events that can be moulded to your target needs, aims & objectives.

Sensitive Projects

Beyond Skin over the years have been asked to deliver good relations projects that we define as 'Under the Radar' (ie of a very sensitive nature). It is an area we have much expertise - approaching each project with discernment, discretion and care, taking on challenges that many other organisations would not whilst always focusing what could be achieved and ensuring the welfare of all involved is paramount. In all eleven years we have never failed in what we have set out to do.