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Chris Hines is an experienced surfer, an environmental campaigner and a highly respected communicator and a driver of positive change, Chris is resolved to find solutions to problems. Formerly Founder of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), and Sustainability Director at the Eden Project, Chris uses his deep understanding of the balance between the social, environmental and financial aspects of sustainability to lead others to action.Chris Hines endeavours to find solutions to problems through communication, this led him to driving a £5 billion spend on the UK's coastline.

In February 2020 Chris on invite from Beyond Skin visited Northern Ireland to primarily deliver workshops as part of the PeaceIV BluePrint programme

Below is a selection of photos from his visit and a TYPE 2 podcast produced by Looking Sideways in association with Patagonia. In the podcast Chris talks briefly about his visit.

 “I was delighted to get the invitation from Beyond Skin to come to Northern Ireland to do some talks and workshops. We live in times that can feel very scary as we become increasingly aware of the fragility of our planet and the level of destruction that we have have wreaked. But I’m an activist and an optimist. I’ve been lucky to be part of a campaign that helped deliver massive environmental change and am keen to share that knowledge and the lessons I’ve learnt over 30 years of campaigning.  I know we have the skills, ingenuity and passion to turn things around so that we can all live in harmony with each other and this planet that we all call home.” Chris Hines