Last Night A Flute Band Saved My Life

A blog for Beyond Skin by Glenn Millar 

In conversation with Taranom (former musician Afghan Women's Orchestra)

Kerry Anderson talks with Taranom about music & Afghanistan 

Unforgettable Days.

A blog by Ingrid Márquez 

"Peace through a different lens" by Ingrid Guyon

Particpatory photographer Ingrid Guyon shares her experience from first visit to Northern Ireland. 

¨La fotografía es una decisión y una manera de participar en el mundo¨

Colombian photographer Antonio Amador visit to Northern Ireland 

Make Love & Harvest Creative Disruptors

The Mount Stewart National Trust & Beyond Skin Partnership 

#PeaceMonster - The Art of Making Peace Infectious

#ArtsDialogue Build Peace Workshop at 'Little Soacha' Belfast 

Make Music, Build a Bridge & Don't Boil Your Potatoes.

BuildaBridge International Make Music programme in Northern Ireland for Community Relations Week. 

Why we should NOT celebrate a Multicultural society

#ArtsDialogue blog by Alejandro Valderrama 

Is Music a Global Language?

#ArtsDialogue blog by Mark Smulian 

Goodbye to Pop Up Stand

Time for you to take a stand 

New Kind of Foundation

By Chiappori Eleonora