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Special Edition - Music in Peacebuilding: Keywords Volume 2

Music and Arts in Action 7 (3) 2020  ISSN: 1754-7105


A Research Journal by 

Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality Saint Paul
University Canada
Beyond Skin Northern Ireland

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The  word  ‘space’  has  gained  visibility  in  peacebuilding  literature  over  the  last  few years,  especially  in  literature  on  the  dynamics  of  local  peacebuilding  processes. Regarding  these  processes,  spatial  approaches  have  extended  knowledge  of  the role that narratives of space play in shaping individual and collective experiences of peace.   These   narratives   include   the   contested   meanings   attributed   to   local landmarks  or  how  notions  of  ‘safe  space’  inform  the  design  of  peace-focused activities  in  particular  communities.  Adding  to  the  complexity  of  usage  around  the term,  musical  performance  itself  has  been  described  as  a  space  through  which communities  can  imagine  and  enact  peace.  Given  these  multiple  understandings, engaging in a sustained discussion of the word space is an opportunity to identify ideas and approaches that can bridge emerging discourses on local peacebuilding processes and their relationship to music.

Lauren Michelle Levesque is an assistant professor in the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality. Her research interests include arts-based research, engaged scholarship, musical performance, and nonviolent social change.

Darren Ferguson is a musician, community worker, peace activist and founder of Beyond Skin.

The journal Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) emerges from international, cross-disciplinary work that takes a wider, holistic approach in researching the dynamic role of music and the arts in social life and cultural experience. Cutting-edge work in this area considers how aesthetic experiences and artistic forms are unconsciously, semi-consciously and actively used by individuals and groups to structure social relations, situations, environments and action. Simply put, how, when and where do music and art do something, how do music and art matter?

MAiA is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal published by the SocArts Research Group and the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology of the University of Exeter (United Kingdom).

Introduction to Keywords Authors

Craig Robertson University of York
Olivier Urbain Min-On Music Research Institute
Elaine Sandoval City University of New York
Michael Golden Soka University of America