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Kacper loves music, especially Heavy Metal.

In this video Kacper talks about his love for Metal and how music has helped him integrate and adapt to making Belfast his new home.

A Youth4Peace Film produced by Kacper & Chris Heath (3FortyFive Fims) supported by the Community Relations Council.

"My name is Kacper Lewandowski and I am a 25 year old musician, guitarist from Kołobrzeg in Poland. I moved to Belfast in 2007 and I live here since. I started playing guitar when I was 11 and from an early age I always knew that I wanted to be a musician. I was considering myself as a performer until I discovered my passion for music production and composition. I decided to build my own home recording studio and train my ears as well as my musicianship to become the best version of myself. After completing GCES, A-levels and HND I decided to go to University to do a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in music. I am a fresh graduate and I am still trying to get used to this whole “adulting” which can be quite tricky sometimes."

Kacper is a youth4peace ambassador for Beyond Skin