A small selection of project videos we have produced / co-produced to show variety of our work

Full portfolio on Beyond Skin & partners YouTube Channels.

"Сестра (Sister)" Masha Myndru, Lisburn Harmony Choir and Cut Rubber WEBPAGE

L’ été - Gabriella Di Laccio & Helen Tseng WEBPAGE

I Love Northern Ireland

“Hǔ,hǔ ya hǔ" (Official music video & interviews)

云水禅心 Zen Rhythm - Wei Deng

"Brighter Days" Music Video - Rwanda Shaw (Good Relations Week)

"In Gham-e-be Haya" (music video) Afghanistan - Northern Ireland WEBPAGE

"The Rain" Amita Ravikiran & Tessa Ann WEBPAGE

Marching Metal "Star of the County Down" WEBPAGE

"Don't Stop The Music" Documentary & Music Video - C&S 音楽学院 Japan & Glengormley High School Northern Ireland WEBPAGE

"You Must Like Me Return To Dust (Northern Ireland, China, Zambia & Sri Lanka) 

"River" Gabriella Di Laccio, Kira Topalian, Siobhan Brown & the Cairde Community Choir WEBPAGE

"Hubava Si, Moya Goro" Sing 2 Songs (PeaceIV Project Music Video) WEBPAGE

"Arsala Khan" (Music Video) Afghanistan - Northern Ireland. WEBPAGE

4 '33" Make Music Day 2021 International Collaboration   WEBPAGE

Turning Heads (Hair as Identity and Culture) - Black History Month WEBPAGE

"Identity Within" Official Music Video (Youth4Peace Project)

"My Belfast Love" Cara Monaghan & Luna Abu Nassar. WEBPAGE

Peace In Mind Project - Juanita Rea & Tessa Ann

Hestia Make Music Day Project "Strength is a Choice" WEBPAGE

Roots: An Afro-Caribbean Hair Conversation WEBPAGE

Ghana to Ardglass (Official Film Trailer)

"Alone in the Snow" (Chinese New Year Solo Dance) WEBPAGE

VaneMG & Tessa Ann (Visual, Sound & Healing) WEBPAGE

Chinese Shanxi Punk Noodles WEBPAGE

National Dance Troupe Zambia - Beyond Skin 8 OpenNet4O  WEBPAGE