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#ArtsDialogue collective are an international intergenerational team of musicians, artists, producers, writers & peace activists.
"Music does not assist dialogue. Music is the dialogue" Mark Smulian (Heartbeat).

The organisations represented in the #ArtsDialogue collective are Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland), Heartbeat (Israel-Palestine), The Music Project (Sri Lanka) & Escuelas de Paz (Colombia), Afghanistan National Institute of Music, Brehon Advisory (Middle East), BuildaBridge (USA) and United Network of Young Peace Builders regarding #Youth4Peace initiative.

The team represents a shared creative resource of decades of experience in peacebuilding, community development and youth work within very different areas of conflict and post-conflict.

#ArtsDialogue delivery and approach puts the Arts at the heart of the space & dialogue.. #ArtsDialogue aims to challenge, question and provoke mediocrity through unbounded creativity in the pursuit for a more peaceful and equal society.

Beyond physical meet-ups, collaborations and the design and delivery of projects the #ArtsDialogue team have been operating and communicating through a WhatsApp Group housed by Beyond Skin.


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