Beyond Skin Empowing Afghan & Iranian Women: Resilience and Beauty Unveiled

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Belfast beauty clinic gives free treatments to Women from Afghanistan and Iran.

The recent closure of beauty salons in Afghanistan by the Taliban has sparked global concern and solidarity. In response to the challenges faced by Afghan women since the Taliban's rise to power, a group of ten women from Northern Ireland have become an emblem of empowerment and resilience, proudly supported by the award-winning Beyond Skin Clinic and the Beyond Skin charity.
The women aim to raise awareness of the grave human rights issues faced by women in Afghanistan and Iran and to counteract the narrative of silenced beauty salons. They firmly believe that every woman has the right to express herself and celebrate her beauty without fear or repression.

As the world unites in standing with Afghan women who were forced to shut their beauty businesses, Beyond Skin Clinic and the charity Beyond Skin stepped forward to make a difference.
Through their initiatives, Beyond Skin is working diligently to provide support and resources to Afghan and Iranian women, allowing them to embrace their uniqueness and stand strong amidst adversity. By partnering with Beyond Skin Clinic, they aim to shed light on the resilience of Afghan and Iranian women and their unwavering spirit in the face of challenges.

Established in 2004, Beyond Skin charity has been at the forefront of creative innovation in peacebuilding, leveraging the arts as a platform to foster a more peaceful, equal, and intercultural society free from racism and sectarianism. Their commitment to empowering women at risk seeking sanctuary has taken centre stage, championing the cause of human rights and creative expression in the face of oppression.  Alghochak (Afghan Association) established last year in Belfast, highlighted Northern Ireland as a leading light for Women’s Rights and equality with the organisation appointing a young woman as the chair.

“With the regime ban on music, arts and now beauty salons enforcing more that women have absolutely no rights in Afghanistan the international community needs to act. Beauty Clinics may not be the obvious place to find activism for some, but there is no where better to find a space were women have the freedom to choose and empathy for other women who do not. I praise Jennie, Gillian and their staff for taking the lead on this initiative that hopefully will encourage all businesses to show solidity to our sisters in Afghanistan and Iran”  Darren Ferguson (Founder CEO Beyond Skin Charity)

Beyond Skin Clinic was founded by two female entrepreneurs, Jennie Wallace and Gillian Rossborough, in Belfast City Centre in 2016. The clinic provides advanced skincare solutions and has been named Aesthetic Clinic of the Year multiple times by the UK Aesthetics Awards & NI Beauty Excellence Awards.
Jennie Wallace, co-founder of Beyond Skin Clinic, said, “These female-owned and operated businesses provide many women with an income and a safe space to meet outside a home environment. Women’s rights will take a mammoth backstep. I hope these women feel inspired by female entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland and are encouraged to live their lives in the way they choose”.

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