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Beyond Skin & Lush Belfast Weave Together On Identity Projects

Beyond Skin (community arts & peace) and Lush Belfast (Ethical handmade cosmetics) are weaving their resources and passion together to raise awareness about cultural identity to address racism.

Beyond Skin have been developing workshops and events around the subject of hair, especially from African, Caribbean and People of African decent perspective. Earlier this year Beyond Skin released a short film “Roots” featuring artist and community activist Stephanie Laird-Arnold & manager of House of 4C Saloon Magne Raissa Makougang.

Staff from Lush will be working alongside Beyond Skin to facilitate workshops, events and educational programmes. Lush provide specialist hair products for 4C hair types and have generously provided free products to compliment Beyond Skin projects.

"Lush Belfast are incredibly excited to be partnering with Beyond Skin going forward. We see the opportunity to use our platform to support the anti-racist work Beyond Skin are doing to develop a more peaceful place to live. As creative innovators in nurturing good relations, they deserve the space and spotlight that we are committed to helping them maintain." Meave (Lush UK Belfast)

“We are delighted to have Lush at a time when cultural awareness and education accessibility is needed more than ever. Ethnics and Values are very important to us as an organisation and Lush is business leader on both. This is a perfect example of Business, Community and Arts weaving together to enable better care for each other and our planet.” Darren (Beyond Skin)

Beyond Skin and Lush activities will include private workshops for groups and schools and public events including in store activities.

For more information

Turning Heads Events

26th August - 23rd September (virtual and face to face)

In partnership with LibariesNI, University of Ulster, Lush Belfast, House of 4C.

Virtual Events

Events 1 - 5 all welcome. No childminder necessary, family events. Event 6 for the ladies only (18yrs+)

Wednesday 25th August 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
Stephanie Arnold (Community Worker, artist and founder of Jam ’n’ Ire’ family club) & Magne Raissa Makougang (Manager of House of 4C Saloon)
A Q&A session exploring the importance of hair to identity, culture & expression based around the short film “Roots”  Watch here.

Thursday 2nd September 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
'Braided Hair: The Dance'
Ripton Lindsay (Dancer, choreographer, musician, DJ)
Join Ripton Lindsay in this passionate workshop about uncovering his family roots and weaving together his history. Intertwined with music & dance you're sure to leave feeling inspired!

Thursday 9th September 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
'Spontaneous the Poet'
Rachael Stephanie Akinyi (Poet, community activist with Smart Talk Café & artist manager of Anika Initiative Kenya)
In this event Rachael, better known as 'Spontaneous the Poet' will teach you how to curate poetry and spoken word like a pro! Rachel will be connecting from Smart Talk Café in Kenya and with her passion for poetics you'll be in great hands.

Thursday 16th September 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
'Give Me Strength'
Sansao Dumangane Junior (Community activist, musician, and producer of Community Voices TV)
Mim Suleiman (Singer, songwriter, composer, performer, workshop facilitator and campaigner from Zanzibar)
In this event we will delve into the importance of hair and mental, physical and spiritual strength. Sansao from Mozambique and Mim from Zanzibar will share their challenging and beautiful journeys as an inspiration to others. Expect some music also.



Thursday 23rd September 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
'Hair Brush! Singing Workshop'
Siobhan Brown (Singer, radio presenter, founder of Manukahunney & Cairde Community Choir)
Rwanda Shaw (Musician & Songwriter)
Join professional performers Siobhan & Rwanda in this fun singing workshop - let your hair down and sing into your hair brush like old times! Together we will create music and weave our stories together whilst learning a bit about identity and each other. All abilities welcome.


Thursday 30th September 7pm - 8pm virtual via Zoom
'JoinHair with JoinHer'
Lori Gatsi-Barnett & Nana Mulundika (Joinher network) will be joined by guests from the previous workshops, Siobhan, Stephanie, Raissa, Rwanda, Rachael & Mim
In this event we welcome some incredible women to the forefront to talk about the social pressures of women in today's society. You will be in for some great conversation and insights.
TICKETS LINK (Women only event 18+)



Come join us in this informative, inspiring and eye-opening event on the cultural significance, heritage, sensitivities, and social pressures of hair for people from African & Caribbean communities or of African Descent.

The panelists will include:

Stephanie Laird Arnold: Community worker, artist & founder of Jam 'n' Ire' ethnic minorities family club.

Magne Raissa Makougang: Owner of House of 4C Salon

Rwanda Shaw: Professional Musician

Representative of LUSH UK

The event will be compèred by Kerry Anderson from Beyond Skin.

The event will be a relaxed discussion with Q&As from the audience.