Brexit Bamboo project

Brexit Bamboo: Crafting new approaches to rural development

Rural Community Network in partnership with Beyond Skin will engage with people across Northern Ireland to explore the implications of Brexit for rural areas and to identify what needs to be in place to support rural communities to thrive in the future.

We will be using creative engagement techniques through the use of Bamboo to get people making while they talk. These craft and chat engagement sessions will inform a second phase of the project in Spring 2018 that will work with a range of rural stakeholders to think about the future of rural communities across the region and identify key priorities for rural development in the next decade.

Bamboo is a grass and one of the most versatile & successful species of plant on earth as well as one of the fastest growing in the world. It’s composition and cell structure make it an incredibly versatile raw material, having multiple to make shelter, paper, furniture, food and tools also give us music. As Humans we need to adapt to changes that come our way and in some cases be durable. We can learn a lot from Bamboo and those who use it around the world to sustain and develop their communities.

For further information on the project contact Aidan Campbell RCN Policy officer 028 8676 6670 or
Beyond Skin Bamboo Crafts facilitated by Mauricio Velazsierra, Gary McIlwaine & Victor Henriquez. This project is funded by Building Change Trust.