Global Trust Project

We see a world re-energised by trust, with people focused on actions that matters, and where doing things right is as critical as doing things well.

Photography: Ingrid Guyon

The world's first Global Trust Project began in Northern Ireland 2020 as part of Beyond Skin's Blueprint PeaceIV programme. 

The Global Trust Project is a pioneering innovative idea of quantifying building trust developed by social entrepreneur and data crunching guru, Steve Savides alongside a team of trailblazers in the business, community and creative sectors. Newry Mourne & Down was the first region on the planet to begin a participatory community Global Trust Project.

Steve has spent his life in-between community and the international corporate world of technology, finance and business. He is passionate about wellbeing and when he isn’t coaching or consulting for business he is teaching people how to move and breathe differently, in ways that help them feel more connected to themselves and others.  He founded the Global Trust Project in order to tackle the challenges of low trust we face in business and community.


It seems we live in a world where no one trusts anyone anymore. We don’t trust our governments. We don’t trust business. We don’t trust our media. We don’t trust technology. Even on a personal level it is difficult to find anyone or any group outside our family and friends that we trust. 

But the trouble is, to get anything done takes trust. You have to believe that others will be trustworthy and keep the promises they make; do what they say; honour the deal; pay what is owed. Humans do not move well without trust, and we need to move on a lot of things. Climate change. Poverty. Gender & Racial Equality. Pandemics. The list goes on. We are giving up on the big institutions to tackle the big issues. It's ourselves and the community around us who can begin to make an impact.

The Global Trust Project comes in at a grassroots level enabling people in the community to listen to each other, talk together, build trust together, and start creating action plans together - to make real and lasting impact on the things that really matter.

The Global Trust Project vision is to build trust and inspire action in individuals and groups wanting to make an impact on the United Nations' sustainable development goals. These participatory led actions will enable facilitation of meaningful engagement and enhance cultural understanding between the majority and minority population with people of different beliefs, faith, and cultural roots. The outcome of which will be a more equitable approach to assist communities build capacity and a strong sense of togetherness as we work to address social, economic and environmental issues that affect us all.

On a sunny weekend in March, a group of residents in Newry, Mourne and Down gathered to explore the question: What is trust?  What followed was a weekend of deep conversation, reflection and connection. Whilst many see the need for increased trust in our workplaces, families and society, what united all the participants most of all was a desire for increased trust in themselves. Following the energy, ideas and potential that was unlocked over the weekend and fertilised by rich and deep connections and relationships forming between people, the group is continuing to explore what an action-based project inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals would look like. Introducing: B.I.G. (Being Intergenerational Globally) School. Supporting people of all ages to learn and make the world a better place.

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