Is the Internet Killing Democracy? Peter Gabriel & NI Science Festival discuss

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The People vs Tech: "How the Internet is Killing Democracy (and how we save it)" takes place on 22nd February at the Northern Ireland Science festival as part of Web At 30 series in partnership with the British Council NI. The discussion event is based on the title of Jamie Bartlett’s new book and focuses on the impact of the web on our lives, 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee laid out his vision. 

To complement this event The Depolarization Project have kindly given Beyond Skin permission access to share an interview with singer, songwriter and humanitarian activist Peter Gabriel - talking about how his attitude to the internet has shifted over time.

"I'm beginning to believe that technology and the internet which I've praised, loved and fought for, needs to be thought about a lot more carefully, because it has the oppertunity of keeping us in this super stimulated sex and violence mode," Peter Gabriel talks with host Alison Goldsworthy (Depolarization Project)

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Tickets link to NI Science Festival

The Depolarization Project. "We exist to help people listen, learn and lead. We do this through researching what works (and what doesn’t), providing training courses to businesses, students and community groups and encouraging leaders to open up to changing their own mind" The Depolarization Project sprang from a course at Stanford University that was implemented in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election. It drew attention from around the world after a feature in the Financial Times.