Jam 'n' Iré


A support and social group for families with children of mixed ethnic heritage founded in June 2021 by Stephanie Laird Arnold.

Through our Blueprint PeaceIV project in Killough the Beyond Skin team met Stephanie and her partner Anne. Stephanie had a vision for a social group based on the challenges her son was facing regarding his identity and sense of belonging.  Through our PeaceIV programme with additional support from Phoenix Gas, National Trust, Fired Food, Flamin' Chops and Arts Council NI we have assisted Stephanie implement and develop her vision.  

Since June the group has grown signficantly and in addition to days out here and they meet up every month in Downpatrick and Killough area. Families are welcome to join. The group has also attracted adoptive parents of children of different race.

"Jam 'n' Irè represents my kids heritage Jamaican and Irish. Plus if you say it in Patois (Jamaican accent) it's saying chilling together and everything is alright." Stephanie Laird-Arnold

jamnire_ni@yahoo.com    Instagram: @jamnire_ni