In February 2020 the friendship through music programme Japan - Northern Ireland began. There are many collaborative elements and a very ambitious vision. 

The lead partners are Min-On 民主音楽協会-民音 & Research Institute Japan and Beyond Skin. The partnership is a legacy outcome from Anne O'Donoghue Arts Council of Northern Ireland award. Anne O’Donoghue’s legacy is significant joining the Play Resource Warehouse in 1984 where she remained as a committed director for thirty years championing Community Arts practice. 

Northern Ireland Press Release link

Japan (English) Press Release link

Mr Massey (Principal Glengormley High) & Mr Mouri (Principal C&S音楽学院(シーアンドエス)

Glengormley High School

C&S Music School音楽学院(シーアンドエス)

We have much to share as things develop. For now as we celebrate International Women's Day during the month of March we are sharing photos of our friends from two schools who have partnered in the programme - Glengormley High School Northern Ireland and C&S 音楽学院(シーアンドエス) Japan. The photos below from Japan include current and past students who thanks to their experience in C&S have gone on to have successful music & arts careers. Also below video and photos from Darren Ferguson visit to Japan.


Pictured: Darren Ferguson (Beyond Skin) with Olivier Urbain & Mr. Okada (Min-On Research Institute), President Ito (Min-On) and volunteer leaders.

Presentation with Students From Soka University

Meeting Min-On President Ito & Directors

Presentation with Students From Tokyo Christian University

Glengormley High School


Filmmaker Mr Makoto Morita & Darren Ferguson

Meeting Mr Mouri - Principal C&S音楽学院(シーアンドエス)