LATEST: Sienna Wilguas Art Exhibition for Good Relations Week (Click Image Below)

In February 2020 the friendship through music programme Japan - Northern Ireland began. There are many collaborative elements and a very ambitious vision. 

Mr Massey (Principal Glengormley High) & Mr Mouri (Principal C&S音楽学院(シーアンドエス)

The lead partners are Min-On 民主音楽協会-民音 & Research Institute Japan and Beyond Skin. The partnership is a legacy outcome from Anne O'Donoghue Arts Council of Northern Ireland award. Anne O’Donoghue’s legacy is significant joining the Play Resource Warehouse in 1984 where she remained as a committed director for thirty years championing Community Arts practice in Northern Ireland. The award was set up in Anne's memory.  C & S音楽学院(シーアンドエス) Music School Japan and Glengormley High School have been partnered through the project.

Below (pictured) T-Shirts designed by C&S students for Glengormley High Students and an image created by Sienna (age 13 - Glengormley High) that will go on T-Shirts in Japan. 

(Video below) A special production for Make Music Day Featuring a message from the Principal of C&S Music School Japan to their project friendship school, Glengormley High Northern Ireland. 

Northern Ireland Press Release link

Japan (English) Press Release link


Glengormley High School

C&S Music School音楽学院(シーアンドエス)


Pictured: Darren Ferguson (Beyond Skin) with Olivier Urbain & Mr. Okada (Min-On Research Institute), President Ito (Min-On) and volunteer leaders.

Presentation with Students From Soka University

Meeting Min-On President Ito & Directors

Presentation with Students From Tokyo Christian University

Glengormley High School


Filmmaker Mr Makoto Morita & Darren Ferguson

Meeting Mr Mouri - Principal C&S音楽学院(シーアンドエス)