Make Music Day 2022

Make Music Day, 21 June 2022

Make Music Day is a huge celebration of music making around the world on June 21st.  It is a unique event that is open to anyone who wants to take part – old or young, amateur or professional and just about every musical style is represented.  Every year people and organisations from 1,000 towns and cities in 120 countries create events to share their music.  All Make Music Day events are free to watch.

This Year we celebration 40 years of Music Day since it began in France with Féte de la Musique.

Make music day is an open invitation for everyone to make music anywhere and everywhere.  Come and join us for Make Music Day in 2022.

Beyond Skin & Friends - Events & Music Releases 2022

L’été performed by Gabriella Di Laccio (Sorprano) & Helen Tseng (Piano).

A Music Video project managed by Beyond Skin & Donne Foundation celebrating 40yrs of Fête de la Musique (Music Day). Featuring Sorprano Gabriella Di Laccio accompanied by Helen Tzeng (piano) performing L’été  a composition by French composer Cécile Chaminade.

A Make Music Day UK production supported by Community Relations Council, Arts Council Northern Ireland and Belfast Music. Audio recorded at Start Together Studios Belfast. Filmed on location and edited by Gemma Bovenizer. Video released 21st June via Youtube and Facebook

Make Music Day @ Hollywood Yacht Club 21 June 2pm - 4pm

Beyond Skin, MARRS, Creative Holywood and Make Music Day UK present an afternoon of musical diversity.

The event will include performances from professional musicians who have come to our shores seeking sanctuary. They bring amazing musical skills, derived from an array of different cultures.

All the musicians are supported by MARRS (Musicians Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme). Event is free (with suggested donation on the day). TICKETS LINK

MARRS Song Release

Recorded at Start Together Studios a session featuring musicians from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, America, England and N. Ireland. Part of the Musicians Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme. Song released on Beyond Skin Bandcamp

Special Guests arriving in Belfast

As part of the International Campaign to Protect Afghan Musicians ( Robin Korevaar & Mirwaiss Sidiqi will be coming to Belfast for Refugee Week and Make Music Day events. 

Mirwaiss Sidiqi is an ex-country director of the Aga Khan Music Initiative in Afghanistan. He has been in this position for over 16 years. Graduate of Musicology from Kabul University, Visiting Researcher at Goldsmiths University of London, where he accomplished an Ethnomycology MA. Also, Mirwaiss has participated in various conferences and symposiums as panellist or speaker including FREEMUS, BRIGING THE GAP and WOMEX. Mirwaiss was an active member of SAFAR Project and worked as a researcher and staff member at Franz Liszt University of Music Weimar and initiating member Afghanistan Music Research Center, AMRC. He is born in Kabul in 1968 he is fluent in Farsi, French, English, German and Pashto.

Robin Korevaar: Based in the USA.  A key person in the International Campaign/Consortium for Afghanistan's Musicians A professional clarinetist for over 30 years,  performed with the Dallas, Fort Worth, Colorado, New Orleans, East Texas, Las Colinas, and Irving symphonies, among others. Currently 2nd clarinet with the Plano Symphony with freelance work and chamber engagements with the Windsong Trio and Camerata Winds. Mentor for  students at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and in Palestine (via Teach to Learn)


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