Make Music Day 21 June

Make Music Day, 21 June 2024

Make Music Day is a huge celebration of music making around the world on June 21st.  Every year people and organisations from 1,000 towns and cities in 120 countries create events to share their music.  All Make Music Day events are free to watch. Music Day began in France with Féte de la Musique.

This year Beyond Skin are collaborating with local and international partners in 25 countries across various events . Details below. Check back here for updates.

Pulsations Press Release

"On June 21st, the world will revel and dance at a very special event: Make Music Day! A day dedicated to celebrating musical creation.

Since its inception in France in 1982, this cultural phenomenon has transcended borders to become an international event. Originally conceived by Jack Lang, who served as the French Minister of Culture at the time and is now the President of the Arab World Institute, Make Music Day aims to impart a universal dimension to this special day centered around music, widely regarded as the most unifying art form globally.

Working together, the Cultural Olympiad of Paris 2024, the Make Music Alliance, the Arab World Institute and Paris 2024 are collaborating to organize “Pulsations,” a rhythmic relay across 24 different countries worldwide. This relay, brimming with surprises, will be inaugurated by renowned trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who will set the rhythm with his melodic heartbeat. This shared rhythm will resonate across various bands and artists in the 24 participating countries, broadcast live on the Make Music Day platform. In Paris, the live stream will grace large screens above the stage of the Arab World Institute, complementing Ibrahim Maalouf's live concert in the early evening, culminating in the rhythmic relay.

This international performance is poised to be a flagship event of the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad, the official cultural program of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Pulsations project mirrors our collective values, promoting camaraderie, peace, and mutual respect worldwide. As President of the Arab World Institute and Director of Culture at Paris 2024, we extend a cordial invitation for you to partake in this grand, inclusive celebration. It would be our privilege to have your presence alongside us for this momentous occasion, in the year that the Olympic and Paralympic Games grace Paris for the first time in a century."

Warm regards, Jack Lang (President of the Arab World Institute). Dominique Hervieu (Director of Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad)

Beyond Skin will represent he UK in the Pulsations relay (5.10pm) in Belfast City of Music with Fusionarium led by Luigi Cirillo.

Smack Jay / Soultrane & More

Samuel Miyoba, aka Smack Jay is an established artist who uses his music as a platform for social impact and advocacy. Hailing from Zambia, his songs are centered around spreading messages of positivity, hope, and social change. Smack Jay is not afraid to tackle difficult and controversial topics in his music, including issues such as poverty, inequality, children and human rights and corruption. His unique sound blends traditional Zambian rhythms with modern hip-hop beats, creating a style that is both fresh and authentic. Smack Jay Zambia is a risen star in the music scene and has gained recognition for his socially conscious music and powerful message.

In June 2024 Smack Jay will visit Northern Ireland supported by Ministry of Cultural & Tourism Zambia and local Northern Ireland agencies.

21 June Smack Jay will also be involved with Pulsations Fusionarium and performing at Soultrane Music Day event and more to be confirmed.

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