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The ‘MARCH’ Network proposes that social, cultural and community Assets build Resilient Communities, and that these assets therefore lie at the centre of Mental Health (M-ARC-H). Specifically, the network focuses on the role of the arts, culture, heritage, libraries, green spaces, community centres, clubs, groups and volunteering, of which there are an estimated 1 million in the UK. MARCH aims to transform our understanding of how these assets enhance public mental health and wellbeing, help to prevent mental illness, and support those living with mental health conditions.

Beyond Skin are one of the Networks many founding members.

Beyond Skin and #ArtsDialogue partners have been developing and delivering innovations providing creative solutions to issues around mental health in conflict and post conflict environments. Our team represent arts therapists, refugee aid workers and peacebuilding professionals in the field of Trauma who have vast experience working globally in areas of conflict.

M-ARC-H Priorities
• Supporting research on social, cultural & community assets and mental health
• Developing cross-disciplinary methodological approaches
• Nurturing the next generation of researchers in this field
• Identifying and removing barriers to access at individual, organisational & policy levels
• Supporting new strategies and policies on community assets & mental health
• Encouraging greater participation and public engagement with community assets
M-ARC-H Team
The MARCH Network is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of the 2018 Cross-Council Mental Health Plus call. The network is led by Dr Daisy Fancourt (UCL) and consists of hundreds of members across the UK including leading academics, representatives of major national community organisations, senior figures within policy, mental health and community charities, and service users.

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