Noor Arzhang is an Afghan artist from Kabul. Since August 2021 with music and arts forbidden by the regime, Noor was unable to continue his work in Afghanistan tosupport his family..Thanks to private donors we were able to rescue some of his paintings and get them to Belfast.

We are selling these paintings to support Noor and family who remains at risk and to raise awareness of his situtation putting pressure on UK Home Office to process visas and to relocate him and immediate family to Northern Ireland, where he will be supported by our friends in the arts, community and business sectors.

All artworks are orginal oil paintings in perfect condition and signed.

01 - 13 stretched framed. 14 - 24 on rolled canvas (sizes painted area)

Suggested prices: £350 (smallest) - £500+   Enquiries:

#01 45cm x 35cm

#07  30cm x 40cm

#12  40cm x 50cm

#013  70cm x 50cm

#14  46cm x 36cm

SOLD #16  30cm x 40cm


#17  38cm x 28cm


#18  50cm x 40cm

#19  40cm x 30cm


#21  60cm x 45cm