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  • Play Like a Girl: How a Soccer School in Kenya’s Slums Started a Revolution

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Play Like a Girl: How a Soccer School in Kenya’s Slums Started a Revolution
“Play Like a Girl" tells the inspiring story of a Kenyan soccer team that, after beating the boys in soccer, realized they deserved to go to high school like the boys, too. Their coach opened a free girls secondary school called Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA). The girls at KGSA are thriving and changing their community for the better.

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"When I first visited KGSA, I knew it was special. Regardless of their tribe, religion, or economic status, every girl who showed up ready to learn was treated with dignity and respect by the teachers. I watched the girls play intense games of dodgeball on the dirt pitch during class breaks-- laughing, sweating and taunting each other. They were embodied. They were playing. They were free. In Kibera, where girls struggled to stay in school and have space carved out for them on the soccer pitch, KGSA transformed the community by supporting the whole girl. As an American writer, it was important to me to write the story in a way that celebrated the tenacity and vibrancy of the girls in Kibera. They knew how to elevate themselves. They just needed equal access to resources. Spending time listening to and learning from the girls in Kibera continues to be one of the great honors of my writing career." - Ellie Roscher

As a teacher, yoga instructor, podcast host, and author, Ellie Roscher is a multitalented and multifaceted individual. Roscher was born and raised in Minnesota. Her writings have been featured in The Baltimore Review, Inscape Magazine, Bookology Magazine, among others. Roscher draws on her education in theology in her podcast titled Unlikely Conversations which explores civil discourse as a spiritual practice. Her literary works include 12 Tiny Things, Play Like a Girl, and My Life.