Politics of Performance

POLITICS OF PERFORMANCE: From Negotiation to Display

Module ESA3002

Partnership: Beyond Skin and Queen’s University Belfast

A 10 week module facilitated by special guests.

Contact: Professor Fiona Magowan FAcSS, MRIA
Research Lead, Religion, Arts and Peacebuilding,
Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics


First Guest Announced...

Samuel Miyoba, alias Smack Jay (Zambia) is an established artist who uses his music as a platform for social impact and advocacy. Hailing from Zambia, his songs are centered around spreading messages of positivity, hope, and social change. Smack Jay is not afraid to tackle difficult and controversial topics in his music, including issues such as poverty, inequality, children and human rights and corruption. His unique sound blends traditional Zambian rhythms with modern hip-hop beats, creating a style that is both fresh and authentic. Smack Jay Zambia is a risen star in the music scene and has gained recognition for his socially conscious music and powerful message. Musician launches Children’s Code Act musical



Ami Yares and Lizy De Lise (BuildaBridge International Philadelphia)

Janielle Beh (Music Educator at Afghanistan National Institute of Music)

Raphael Frank (Music Producer)

Andy Morgan (Journalist / Malian Music in Exile)

Edwar Calderón (Researcher and Project Developer Colombia)


Janelle Junkin (professor, researcher, consultant, and music therapist.USA)

Glenn Millar (Marching Bands Flautist and Youth Worker)

Rachael Stephanie Akinyi (Poet, community activist with Smart Talk Café & artist manager of Anika Initiative Kenya)

Mark Smulian (Music Producer and Inventor of MindHarp)

Zarifa Adiba (the first Afghan Women conductor - Afghan Women's Orchestra)

Robin Korevaar (Musician,  Afghanistan National Institute of Music, Teach to Learn)

Sabika Abbas  (Poet / Fearless Collective)