Projects & Events related to HAIR with a focus on people of African or Caribbean identity or of African Descent .

The cultural significance, heritage, social pressures and sensitivities.

Turning Heads Events

During August - October a series of virtual and on location events took place with principal partner LibariesNI

Guest speakers where Stephanie Arnold (Community Worker, artist and founder of Jam ’n’ Ire’ family club)

Magne Raissa Makougang (Manager of House of 4C Saloon)

Ripton Lindsay (Dancer, choreographer, musician, DJ)

Rachael Stephanie Akinyi (Poet, community activist with Smart Talk Café & artist manager of Anika Initiative Kenya)

Sansao Dumangane Junior (Community activist, musician, and producer of Community Voices TV)

Mim Suleiman (Singer, songwriter, composer, performer, workshop facilitator and campaigner from Zanzibar)

Siobhan Brown (Singer, radio presenter, founder of Manukahunney & Cairde Community Choir)

Rwanda Shaw (Musician & Songwriter)

Lori Gatsi-Barnett & Nana Mulundika (Joinher network)

A Panel Event At Ormeau Road Library Was Filmed