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62 events spread across 25 venues across Belfast, this festival is a testament to the city's thriving and diverse musical landscape. Sounds of Belfast 2023

TICKETS Safe Harbour: Concert of the Diapora 16th November @ Oh Yeah Music Centre.


The Oh Yeah Music Centre 16th November as part of Sound of Belfast Festival will host a concert featuring music performances led by musicians who have brought their skills to our shores and musicians from host communities. Many of those performing had to flee their country due to conflict, oppression and impacts of climate change.

The event is organised by Beyond Skin with PRS for Music as the principal funder.

The concert will showcase solo and collaboration performances across many genres of music complimented by short stories and insights into the musicians on stage and some of their journeys. For women from Afghanistan and Iran the event will be very significant taking place in an iconic music venue in Belfast a UNESCO City of Music. Music is forbidden in Afghanistan and there are also huge restrictions on musicians in Iran and the oppression of Women.

The aim of the event mirrors MARRS (Musicians Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme), with the event welcoming people seeking sanctuary to share a stage, showcase their skills and a celebration of Belfast as a creative safe harbour. 

The diverse intergenerational line-up will include performances from young singers and a rock guitarist from Ukraine; Persian, folk and urban sounds from a music collective from Iran; traditional Saz from Syria; electronica fusion by an Italian producer, a collaboration between punk rock band, choir and singer from Ukraine and a young singer from Cookstown who collaborated with Afghan Women’s Orchestra.  In between some crossover collaborations and some surprises.

Darren Ferguson from Beyond Skin commented
“The world seems to be very heavy right now and many are carrying much more. Music has always been the healer, storyteller and bridge to bring people together. This event is exactly that. Recognising the struggles but also celebrating the resilience and kindness of people amplified through incredible musicianship.”

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