Seminar: Challenges of post-conflict Colombia

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TJI , INCORE and Beyond Skin (part of the Colombian Truth Commission Hub), invite you to this public seminar with a panel of researchers and activists working on the legacy of the conflict in Colombia and the challenges for building sustainable peace.

University of Ulster, Belfast Campus. 16th May, 17:00 - 20:00. FREE TICKETS

Artwork: Robison Sanchez

At the panel discussion, speakers María Cristina Hurtado Sáenz (International consultancy under the IOM and Attorney General's Office agreement), Alejandro Valderrama Herrera (Seminar organiser with Beyond Skin & UK & Ireland Hub as a supporting group of the Colombia Truth Commission), Dr. Luke Moffett (QUB Working Group on Reparations), and Alexandra de la Torre (TBC) will discuss the challenges of post-conflict Colombia with particular emphasis on diaspora mobilisation, the rights of children & adolescents, and reparations.

We will also have the telematic participation of Carlos Martín Beristain, International Commissioner (Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence, and Non-Repetition - CEV), to present the work of the commission in the diaspora.

This event is directed to both academic and non-academic audience and will bring together higher education institutions, civil society organisations, and members of the community who might be interested.


Alejandro Valderrama Herrera

Cira Palli-Aspero -

Nisan Alici -

Cristal Palacios Yumar -

Free of charge and open to the public.