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Beyond Skin & Heartship Charity in partnership with Libraries NI presents...

The Music of Alma Harrak

Friday14th December. 12:00 - 13.00pm. Belfast Central Library.(free)

Alma Harrak is a 14 year old Syrian girl. She arrived to Ireland in 2016. Having never taken a lesson before she stunned the world by teaching herself how to play the piano to a professional level within 2 years. Recently in Dublin for Culture Night she stole the show performing with the National Concert Orchestra.

We invite you to come and hear this very talented and inspirational young pianist.

Belfast Central Library, Royal Avenue, BT1 1EA. +44(0)28 9050 9150

Heartship are a non profit organisation shipping life saving medical aid to countries experiencing war & famine .Outreach with Syrian families in Northern Ireland. www.facebook.com/pg/heartship1

Download Human Rights Festival Programme here

Each year the 10th December is celebrated as Human Rights Day across the world. The date marks the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. Civil society groups across the world use this date as an opportunity to celebrate and mark the importance of human rights globally.

Every year a diverse range of organisations across Northern Ireland have traditionally held events in the week surrounding this date to mark the occasion and highlight different aspects of human rights as they apply locally and internationally. In 2012 a number of these organisations came together to pool those individual events into a programme of activities promoted together for the first time as the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival.

The festival is administered by the Human Rights Consortium in collaboration with organisations from civic society. The distinct events that make up the festival however, are developed and run by organisations and individuals with an interest in the protection and promotion of human rights. The diversity of events and the range of issues covered as part of the festival are reflective of the universal nature of human rights.

It is hoped that the festival will expand over time and become a fixed part of the programme of Northern Ireland festivals while continuing to expand local awareness of the importance of celebrating and protecting human rights.

Human Right Festival Website