Peace in Mind - The 100

The 100 is a one-of-a-kind project in Northern Ireland, focused on sharing the stories from 100 women connected to this beautiful land. 

Our plan for this project is to create 100 pages, with 100 pieces of art & stories from 100 women. Each page designed by participants will then be bound into a beautiful book, hand crafted with sustainable & ethical materials by the very talented Wilhelmina Peace. This book will travel, and a temporary digital version will be made available online. This book will then be placed in a time capsule to be opened in, you guessed it...100 years!

The Essence of the 100

No one would argue that there is much healing needed in the world. The idea of burying 100 voices is not to hide or silence but quite the opposite. It is a connection with voice and the land, nurturing the earth for reconciliation with the land, harvesting a better world and symbolizing new growth of togetherness. For us all we would like to think that in 100 years the imbalance issues we face now with gender discrimination, sectarianism, racism, and lack of care of our planet and will no longer exist. The 100 women in the book represent this hope. For the 100 participants, this is a deep journey of self-learning - sense of belonging at this moment in time and self-representation and message to those viewing each of the particpants pages in 100 years after they have have gone. 2021 is the centenary year of Northern Ireland. Some may recognise this and some may not. And that is OK. The project is about 100 Women in the here & now, in this year.

The 100 Project Team

Kerry Anderson, Wilhelmina Peace, Charo Lanao, Cony Ortiz, Orla Hasson, Tessa Ann

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