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The story of "Finding Roots & Happiness In New Contexts"

Directed by Coen Wigbold
Assisted by Wanne Buitenhuis and Rana Yildirim
Dancers: Dibya Basu and Kuhumita Sarkar
Filmed & Edited by Darren Hill
Camera assistant Susie Loane

Filmed in 4:3 format

A Beyond Skin & ArtEZ University project.  

"The story is about how both dancers came to Belfast. One was searching for meaning in Belfast and couldn’t enjoy being there. However, when she saw how the other was dancing around and enjoying her life through all seasons she knew what she had to do. Dance! Dancing makes her happy and is her passion! You will also see the ghungroo. The dancers didn’t know if we wanted to use this in the clip. But I said of course we need this!
In Indian classical dance, ghungroos hold profound symbolic significance. They represent a dancer's dedication and discipline, serving as a constant reminder of their commitment to the art. Furthermore, they embody the rhythmic essence of the universe, echoing the cosmic dance of creation and destruction, a concept closely associated with Lord Shiva (Nataraja) in Hindu philosophy. This multifaceted symbolism makes ghungroos much more than mere musical accessories; they are integral to the spiritual, cultural, and artistic expressions of Indian classical dance."  Coen


"It was an incredible experience working with beyond skin team and ArtEZ University project on the recent video shoot. The project theme, focusing on the concept of missing one’s homeland, resonated deeply with me. It was not just a video shoot; it was a journey that allowed me to connect with my roots and express my personal story through your artistic vision. Your team’s openness to integrating my ideas into the project was particularly empowering and made the experience uniquely collaborative.

The professionalism and talent of your crew, especially Coen Wigbold, Wanne Buitenhuis, Rana Yildirim, Darren Hill , Susie Loane cannot go without mention. The warmth, creativity, and thoughtfulness in every interaction created an environment where ideas flourished and cultural expressions were celebrated. The atmosphere during the shoot was a perfect blend of professionalism and passion, which is a testament to your team’s expertise and dedication to inclusivity.

Beyond Skin’s work in promoting cultural diversity and inclusion is not only commendable but also necessary in today’s world. The opportunity to work with you in Belfast, a city rich in cultural heritage, was a profound experience. It provided a platform for me to explore and express my identity in a multicultural context, a rare and valued opportunity.I extend my deepest thanks to the entire Beyond Skin team and especially Darren Ferguson for this unforgettable experience. The project was not only a professional engagement for me but also a personal journey that I will always cherish." Diyba