18th February - Song Release !

Written and performed by Smack Jay (Samuel Miyoba), engineered by Wongani Hara at Punchline Studios, Zambia

"Beyond Skin" Listen on Bandcamp

Samuel Miyoba, alias Smack Jay is an established artist who uses his music as a platform for social impact and advocacy. Hailing from Zambia, his songs are centered around spreading messages of positivity, hope, and social change. Smack Jay is not afraid to tackle difficult and controversial topics in his music, including issues such as poverty, inequality, children and human rights and corruption. His unique sound blends traditional Zambian rhythms with modern hip-hop beats, creating a style that is both fresh and authentic. Smack Jay Zambia is a risen star in the music scene and has gained recognition for his socially conscious music and powerful message.

In 2023 Samuel was a guest virtual speaker at Queen's University Belfast as part of the 'Politics off Performance Module'


In 2020 we were delighted to begin a new international partnership between Northern Ireland & Zambia.

OpenNet4O Zambia is a Choma founded Community Based Organization (CBO) whose purpose is to create positive life changing impact to rural communities.
Registered in 2018 with PACRA, OpenNet4.0 Zambia works across seven thematic areas of environment, education, health, ICTs, Media, Sports and culture.

To amplify rural voices by;
• Harnessing talents, with a bias towards children, youths and women.
• Connecting citizens to opportunities, to speaking to power and national processes.
• Promoting educational initiatives
• Supporting cultural arts such as dance, traditional games, music and documentation of oral history.

In 2020 we decided wouldn't it be fun to do a festival in Zambia.   OpenNet4O in partnership with Dance Troup Zambia produced an amazing cultural music & dance event for Beyond Skin as part of the One World Festival. Videos (below). Note: All performing artists were paid for the performance.

Beyond Skin would wish to thank OpenNet4O Zambia founders Pamela and Sipho for all there hard work in developing this partnership.

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 1)

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 2)

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 3)

Performance poem about CoVid by Bismark Haaduka, a teacher at David Livingstone Secondary School

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