Book Club

We had a wondeful time with our previous book club sessions featuring "Play Like A Girl" by Ellie Roscher. Ellie even joined us on the last week.

The Virtual Book Club will meet again Sunday 7th March 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT and you are most welcome.

The next featured book is 

"Painting Peace" by Kazuaki Tanahashi


'Awakening,’ says Kazuaki Tanahashi, ‘is to realize the infinite value of each moment of your own life as well as of other beings, then to continue to act accordingly.’ This book is the record of a life spent acting accordingly: Through his prose, poetry, letters, lyrics, and art, Tanahashi provides an inspirational account of what it’s been like to work for peace and justice, from his childhood in Japan to the present day.

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Kazuaki Tanahashi or Kaz is a Japanese artist, writer, and peace and environmental worker. He is accomplished in calligraphy, teaching, and translating as well. He has released over forty books in both English and Japanese. He was the founding secretary of Plutonium Free Future and worked against the nuclear arms race and Gulf Wars. He is the founding director of A World Without Armies and is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. His work with “one stroke painting” has been shown in galleries, universities, and museums all over the globe.

Painting Peace Video Trailer





The Library was the idea of Samantha Lewis. a student at Boston University and a virtual intern with Beyond Skin through Virtual Internships UK. She is studying International Relations and hopes to work in international human rights. In her free time, she loves cooking, reading and doing yoga. Samantha has greatly enjoyed putting this library together and is excited to continue to explore the idea of literature as a tool for peacebuilding.