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We had a wonderful time with our previous book club sessions featuring "Play Like A Girl" by Ellie Roscher (Ellie even joined us on the last week), "Painting Peace" by Kazuaki Tanahashi and mpre  recently "Notes From Africa: A Musical Journey With Youssou N'Dour" by Jenny Cathcart. (Jenny also dropping in)

Virtual Library

"I am delighted to open our virtual doors & windows to this online Library. I hope this feature on our website will increase the accessibility of literature and stimulate curiosity surrounding relevant topics to Beyond Skin's work. This virtual library will be an ongoing, curated collection of books pertaining to the subjects of human rights, peacebuilding, and the arts. In the future,

Beyond Skin aims to facilitate Book Club workshops and events in collaboration with authors featured in the collection. I hope the compelling words of these authors will motivate people all over the world to become actively involved in peacebuilding within their own communities."  - Samantha (Curator).

This collection was curated by Samantha Lewis. Samantha is a student at Boston University and a virtual intern with Beyond Skin. She is studying International Relations and hopes to work in international human rights. In her free time, she loves cooking, reading and doing yoga. Samantha has greatly enjoyed putting this library together and is excited to continue to explore the idea of literature as a tool for peacebuilding.


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