The Art of Making Peace Infectious at Build Peace Belfast

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On 30th October some of the delegates from the Build Peace conference in Belfast were whisked away to an #ArtsDialogue workshop at John Paul Youth Club in North Belfast also known as 'Little Soacha'   It for sure was the best decorated creative space at the conference thanks to the young people and youth leaders at the club.

The area outside the club affectionately is known as 'Little Soacha' due to Soacha (Colombia) solidarity artwork produced on a wall by Colombian artist Robison Sanchez. Developing plans include the building of an amphitheatre. Beyond Skin & #ArtsDialogue partners Escuelas de Paz are managing the flagship creative Peace partnership programme between Colombia and Northern Ireland. #FUTyoURES

The workshop programme with Build Peace delegates was facilitated by Andrea Walker, Amita Ravikiran, Darren Ferguson and filmed by Chris Heath. Youth leaders Eamon and Elizabeth also taked about the history of the club and the area.

With Arts at the centre of the dialogue the delegates produced a shared artwork #PeaceMonster - shifting the narrative and created solo Indian Mandala artworks. 


A Beyond Skin Build Peace Belfast Poem

“Hello Build Peace delegates, welcome to Belfast.
Your time no doubt is sure to move fast.
As you weave through conversations, presentations, deliberations.
Quadratic equations may seem easier to understand than Northern Ireland.
Yes we are complicated at best but rest assured
A majority of friendly folk we are indeed,
who love to laugh whilst generous to those in need.
We have weathered many storms together not alone,
shame our politicians have given up and gone home.
So as you spend these days as a peace-maker, sightseer or local MC.
Belfast for sure is one of the best places on earth to be.”