and that was 2018 (Gallery)

A selection of photographic memories from 2018

"we are seed, together we grow"

Even though 2018 was an extremely challenging year for the community and arts sector we once again delivered an impressive body of work impacting and changing lives. Beyond Skin is a team effort and we thank you to all who helped us throughout 2018.

Highlights included International collaborations through #ArtsDialogue network with large programmmes with Escuelas de Paz (Colombia), BuildaBridge (USA) & Peace Monster Programme,  Locally Make Music Day, Conversations Festival, Orchestra of Change, International Women's Day with Brehon Advisory, Women's Work Festival, Trauma Summit, Imagine Peace Exhibition and Participatory Budgeting project with Waste No Time partners.  All sandwiched between a diverse creative kaleidoscope of weekly activities with people young and old, near and far. It was also a year of loss and we dearly miss Natali

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