Video & The Radio Stars

No one needs to be reminded that 2020 was an extremely unprecedented challenging year.

But in amidst the chaos, fear, uncertainty, separation and loss Beyond Skin & Partners drew strength from each other and produced many audio/visual collaborations involving 26 countries complimenting 100's of workshops/events, also providing paid work to over 100 artists/technicians/facilitators.

We invite you to view the following taking solace in the fact that creativity + human spirit always prevails. 

"Far Away" Northern Ireland & Japan. Project Link

Identity Within Music Video (PeaceIV)

La Tierra del Joropo (Natali Márquez Foundation - Sound of Belfast)

"Arsala Khan" Northern Ireland - Afghanistan. Project link

Guerpos Gramaticales Sowing of Life. Project link

Cara Monaghan (Natali Márquez Foundation)

Make Music Day

As part of the Make Music Day UK twelve hour broadcast Beyond Skin & partners hosted a one hour dedicated show representing Northern Ireland and our collaborations with our global neighbours.. Full Show Link



Music Is The Dialogue & We Start Together.

Metal and Migration

Taranom (Afghan Women's Orchestra)

A Music Odyssey (ArtsDialogue - Traditional Arts Partnership)

MOMRI Japan Official Welcome. Project link

Made To Parade - Glenn Millar. Book weblink

Min-On & MOMRI Share Music Day "Far Away Documentary (Japanese & some English) Project link

Promotional Videos

International Women’s Day Youth4Peace

Cuerpos Gramaticales Sowing of Life - VANEMG

Cuerpos Gramaticales Sowing of Life - Agroatre

OpenNet4O Zambia

New 2020 Beyond Skin partner. Performances produced for Beyond Skin for One World Festival

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 1)

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 2)

National Dance Troupe Beyond Skin Concert (part 3)

Performance poem about CoVid by Bismark Haaduka, a teacher at David Livingstone Secondary School

Facebook Video Link

Not all videos are listed here due to participant safeguarding.  Also check out our radio network & podcasts


Investors/Funders: Arts Council NI, Factor Law, WOMAD Foundation, Halifax Foundation, PeaceIV, Community Relations Council, The Executive Office Good Relations, Education Authority, IBIS Belfast Hotel and all those who donated privately.

Project Partner Organisations; Min-On Concert Association, Min-On Music Research Institute, BuildaBridge Philadelphia, Openet4O Zambia, Afghan National Institute of Music, Make Music UK, Making Music, United Network of Young Peacebuilders, Escuelas de Paz Colombia, Fundación Nacional Batuta Colombia, Get Up & Go Colombia, Fotosynthesis CIC, Unique Adventures Ltd, Yallaa, Agroate, Oh Yeah Music Centre, Natali Márquez Foundation, Springboard Opps, UNIT T, Taste The World (WOMAD UK) & CAN.

A special thanks to all the artists/musicians, audio & film producers, technicians, presenters, logistics hands & volunteers. An extra special thanks to Chris (no sleep til its done) @3fortyfive films.